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  1. Oops didn't mean to comment twice. Not sure how to delete it.
  2. Not looking for it. It was the only email so clearly I noticed. I don't care about take out. I care that he's lieing about food. What is even the point in lieing about something so small.
  3. Not looking for it. It was the only email so clearly I noticed. I don't care about take out. I care that he's lieing about food. What is even the point in lieing about something so small.
  4. I just moved across the country 1.5 months ago, so my by and I are doing the long distance thing for a year. In the past hes lied about a lot. And would only seem to admit when I showed proof of his lies. And some were major things. Before I left... we had a serious talk about our future and his lying. And he swore he'd stop and be honest. Before I left he down loaded his Google account on my old phone so I could play a game. But it linked his email to that... and he doesn't know that. I look to see if he's lying sometimes based off that. As in the pass it was some email things he lied
  5. My wonder is......I never thought he did do drugs. When ppl meet ..they say their expectations. Eg.. I don't smoke or do drugs and don't date ppl who do. He hears this then says....he doesn't do either....because he wants a chance to date me. Unless I said...I'm a smoker and drug addict or date those....he would probably never fess up to doing either. My point is....how would I ever know someone was unless they told me... but no user wants to tell non users.
  6. Last fall I dated him... things went south. He lied to me back then about everything. And for no real reason other than it was easier for him to lie than to be honest. This time he fested up about everything or so I thought. I chose to give him another chance to prove me wrong about the person he showed me he was back then. (Not drug related) So... at the end of things last time on his bday he fluffed me off and didn't spend it with me... we broke up a couple days later. But the day after his bday I surprise visited him at his place. He had said his friends got him trashed for his bday (30 ye
  7. Long story short. My current bf....last year....cheated on me with his ex and got back with her. I had only dated him 2 months at that point. But was devistated. In this time I learned....she had an abortion and he felt he owed it to her to give her a second chance beca use of that past. Many months later...it blew up in his face. And we started talking again. I never forgave or forgot but instead chose to offer him a chance to show me he's not that person he was then. (He had mixed emotions and was confuses. .I mean we've all been there) anyways he promised never to talk to her again and i
  8. Follow your dreams and don't let anyone stop you. The younger you are the higher chance you have at making it in that field. ( a thing I wish I knew and followed when I was younger) The best thing in life is to do it and show people they were wrong!
  9. You said the day after you broke up....you saw she had a good morning message from a guy. No guy will go out of his way to text a girl good morning unless he's interested or they are dating or what not. Which shows she was talking to him for sure before the break up. I'd say walk away with you head high. The best thing you can do is nc which will show her your fine and don't care. It's her lose and she'll realize that soon. But don't you dare take her back.
  10. Good for you!!!!! I was lucky enough to come across this site when I was having problems. And I found that the advice from Un bias people is so helpful in healing. Getting straight up advice based on what other people see from our stories. We also realize in that some read flags we were blind to see and such. But I mean....if we are going to post on here things can't be the best in the first place. But it's nice to read good storie's now and again of how people got over things and such. So iv stayed on here to do the same....give advice and read other stories to let people know they
  11. I think we only feel jealousy When our partner makes us feel that way. I'd we feel secure in the relationship there is non. But the second our partner embeds things into our minds it's when we start to worry which makes us jealous. Needless to say....when in a good healthy relationship there should never be any.
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