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Seeking professional help on a forum is probably not the best way to go around it. I would strongly suggest you contact a licensed therapist to get professional help. To me, it sounds like you're suffering from anxiety and panic attacks rather than PTSD, but of course, no one can confirm such diagnoses except a professional. Good luck

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PTSD is diagnosed based on: ( from the mayo clinic)

You experience one or more of the following signs or symptoms after the traumatic event:


You relive experiences of the traumatic event, such as having distressing images and memories.

You have upsetting dreams about the traumatic event.

You experience flashbacks as if you were experiencing the traumatic event again.

You experience ongoing or severe emotional distress or physical symptoms if something reminds you of the traumatic event.

In addition, for more than one month after the traumatic event you may:


Try to avoid situations or things that remind you of the traumatic event

Not remember important parts of the traumatic event

View yourself, others and the world in a negative way

Lose interest in activities you used to enjoy and feel detached from family and friends

Feel a sense of emotional numbness, feel irritable or have angry or violent outbursts

Engage in dangerous or self-destructive behavior

Feel as if you're constantly on guard or alert for signs of danger and startle easily

Have trouble sleeping or concentrating

Your symptoms cause significant distress in your life or interfere with your ability to go about your normal daily tasks.


For children younger than 6 years old, signs and symptoms may include:


Reenacting the traumatic event or aspects of the traumatic event through play

Frightening dreams that may or may not include aspects of the traumatic event

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