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Going from best friend to Girlfriend, back to friends.


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When i post on here and receive answers, it calms me down and makes me think rationally rather than emotionally. I dont know what to think right now, but a girl i met in one of my classes became best friends with me. We had lots of fun together. I confessed my liking to her about 3 months later. And she laughed and said she didnt feel the same way. We continued to hang out once or twice a week, and about a month later, she invited me over. we drank. she took me to her bed and one thing led to another and i ended up kissing her. We didnt have sex. For some reason shes against that. Then the a few days later i spent the night at her house. did lots of things, but no sex. After that night, i think she kinda changed. I saw her about 3-4 times after that just going on dates and stuff, and she wouldnt want to be kissed on the lips too much. only on the cheek. I laughed it off the 3 times. Last night we hung out again and asked her some questions regarding our relationship, she gave very vague answers. When i left, i texted her saying that i had more fun with her when we were just friends, and "from our conversation tonight, i think we should just be friends.. ect ect." She texted back this morning saying "I agree"..


to be honest i liked this girl alot. but i just feel like she changed after we started kissing. Am i doing the right thing by telling her we should be friends again?


We've had this 2 hour road trip planned since we were friends and were suppose to go in 4 days. How should i act? Should i flake on her? Tell her i had some things come up? Im not sure what to do because i dont agree with what i did (text her we should just be friends) although i get a feeling that thats how she wants it. Please advice me what you all think. thank you.

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