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My family has disowned my son & I. How do I get past this?


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yes, please don't leave ena.


we get heated sometimes on here, and we're all humans with our quirks and frailties and assumptions and sometimes difficult to talk to but i promise it's worth it.


so there was the threat of disowning you always. wow.


DHR won't do anything if called. you're not doing anything wrong. you're two loving parents raising a boy, and the grandparents are being inhumane. if anyone, they'll get told to leave you all alone. if your family continue to threaten you, see a social worker and talk to them about your situation. they'll see two loving women raising a child and offer family guidance if you express the new family situation (the cutoff from the grandparents) is making things difficult to you. then, any services called on you and told lies by the grandparents, you aks them to contact your social worker. they do advocacy for this kind of thing. children are not taken from their parents without a very good reason, and you give them none.


is there a LGBT parents group where you live? i think unfortunately a lot of people have been thrown out their families this way, maybe it would help you to process the emotional part of it to hear how others are coping?


i'm so sorry. that's a horrible thing to go through.


keep venting it out and talking here all you need to!

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Sorry to hear this. Don't believe their threats. Just stay no contact. Eventually they may come around regarding your son. Why would they warn you in advance about interracial or same sex relationships?

My family had always told me growing up that there would only be 2 ways they would disown me 1 if I was with a woman and 2 if I was with a black guy. My family has told me the day I married her was the day they became dead me.
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This is my first time to post, I really hope reaching out will help me to move on from my family disowning us and help me release this guilt/doubt I feel everyday. I got married to another woman about 6 months, she is amazing and my 4 year old adores her! My whole family disowned me and my son, I knew they would disown me but I never dreamed they would turn their backs on my son who hasn't done a thing. Everyday I think about my son losing the opportunity to grow up with his family. I know that it's their lost but it is also my sons lost too. I just want to be able to put this behind me and not have all these different thoughts replaying in my head day after day. Any advice?


I'm in a heterosexual relationship, if my family was as homophobic as yours I would limit my son's contact with them. Having said that, I understand your feelings. My mom in law is a lesbian and my fiance went years with no contact with her until he met me, so I say give it time they might come around. Raise him properly and make it their loss to live a life without him.

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Okay. I understand what you're saying. I didn't look at it like that.

I guess I see things like "if I make a decision this will happen".


I'm bad with empathizing sometimes. I don't mean to be.


I guess I was looking at it like that because I knew what would happen if I did certain things in my house and how my parents would react.

I find many conservatives have trouble empathizing; it's ironic that you guys tend to be more religious.

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