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Decided to completely delete my ex from my life


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My ex and I broke up 4 months ago, and it was a horrible break up for me. I suffered like hell, he was by far the person I loved the most and had the most fun with. The thing is, I still having feelings for him as much as I absolutely hate to admit this, I just can't keep lying to myself. I started seeing another guy, but I thought I just wasn't being fair to him and to myself if I kept talking to my ex.


We stayed in contact during these months because he was owing me some money and still hasn't payed all of it. However, he'd always say how he had these bunch of bills to pay and how he was out of money, but would always see him going to parties, going on trips, buying new clothes and accessories and such... so, he wasn't really that out of money, he just wanted to spend it the way he wanted. But what got me really emotional was that two weeks after our BU, he went on a trip with a bunch of guys and girls and he met a girl there that I was suspicious from the beginning and he was denying it all this time, until I eventually found out they have been together ever since. I mean come on, two weeks I was devastated and he was already investing in someone else. And my money he owed, still wasn't paying... I know he's not a jerk and I know he'll eventually pay me, but seeing them together and him going out with her, taking her out with what should be in my bank account just made me furious.


So today I called him and asked for him to pay me ASAP because since he has the money to take her out, he probably has the money to pay me back and we got into this huge fight which ended in him saying that he wasn't going to get in a relationship with her and that he thought we could be friends but I'm "too crazy" and that can't happen. I said I didn't care anymore, I had been upset for 4 months and what I got in exchange was him going out with this other girl and introducing her to all of his friends, some of which are my friends too.


It just hurts, it hurts to see that he cares so little about me that a pretty girl can just show up on the scene and he'll forget about me, so I told him I was making the decision to stop talking to him and having absolutly NC, just when he pays me and that's that. No friendship, no calls, nothing. I deleted him from my FB and Instagram, something that was so hard for me to do but was making me upset. In fact, cutting him out of my life for good makes me upset and it made him a bit upset too (not too much really, I think he doesn't care that much actually) but in the end I think it's the best for me to do, I feel pathetic sitting here writing this while he's out having fun with the other girl... I no longer can keep living with these feelings. Has anyone ever had to do this? All of my other exes I just stopped talking when we broke up, but I was friends with him and this decision is hurting me..

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Good for you. Welcome to day one of true healing where you won't be tempted to snoop online. I can't say if he cares/doesn't care, but bottom line the relationship is over. I did block my ex so that he could not contact me. And knowing that he could not contact me unless he was really really creative worked wonders for my mental health.

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Your decision was the best thing to help you heal and get on with your life without him. How much money does he owe you and is it worth even bothering with? I think getting him out of your life in all ways as soon as possible is in your best interests.


Don't let him bring you down, he's her problem now and if he hasn't grown at all then they won't last past what he owes her either.

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