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Any polish speakers on here?


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Can you translate this for me?


Czesc! Spicie jeszcze? Podajcie mi prosze Wasz adres. Moze byc po sniadaniu.


Took me about 7 years to write that out. Stupid bloody language. Surely it's just a random collection of consonants thrown together with as many "z"'s as you can possibly manage thrown in. I jest, of course. It's beautiful. But "ZCZ"? Come on.......


From Google translate, I'm getting "Hello! Are you still sleeping? Please give me your address. Maybe after breakfast.".


Erm... maybe what after breakfast?


I received this message on my mobile phone this morning. I was, of course, asleep. I reckon it's one of my mates playing a prank on me, thought it could be marketing spam, but it has emoticons in it. Polish people are well known for their love of emoticons. Not that I'm *ahem* stereotyping or anything. Just trying to piece this together.

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Another translation site breaks it down as: Hello, Participation list yet? Please give me your address. It may be after breakfast.


Probably a spam bot.


Cheers Thenny! I sent a message back asking who it was but haven't received a reply. I'll assume it's spam.

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