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  1. I'm looking at your avatar and guessing if you've been playing these for 25 years, you started when you were about 3 years old. Which is impressive
  2. I once dated a woman who was 18 when I was 16. And I can assure you. That went swimmingly. Or at least from my point of view it did - who cares what she thought lol.
  3. If young women dated older men, and young men dated older women, then we could all kind of swap round after a bit - the young women who had been dating the older men could now date younger men when they got older, and vice versa for the men. So young woman dates older man, and young man dates older woman. Then as young woman becomes older, she dates younger men, and same for the original young guy. Sounds like fun, no?
  4. You're putting the in twice in the link - perhaps the forum adds in another one? / Yeah the forum box has in by defult. Delete that and then paste your link in. There are no teenagers around here, there's a family next door and a pensioner age couple on the other side. Although they are quite cool. However, the family have had builders in. I'm still in two minds about this. Or I could just go all the way and hammer out this over and over again at top volume while I'm doing it. In for a penny, in for a pound : [video=youtube;YyD4Y4-E98M] ] Relaxing wholesome family entertainment, no? BTW - this song perfectly sums up a lot of break ups
  5. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to get old fashioned on "yo asses" - [video=youtube;GsFeB3vZdRI] ]
  6. ^^^ I just noticed "Stepdad's" - Apostrophe police alert. Guess we're even
  7. Hah! I found Morrisey Greatest Hits in my CD pile the other day (very different to my vinyl pile but that's another story), what one of my ex's stepdad's gave me (he was working for the record company I think) - that's the only reason I go out with girls, to get cd's. Then I split up with them. I try and get a couple of coffee mugs out of them as well if I think there's mileage in the relationship. Anyway, I like that one as well. What a great tune. This one has to be my fav - fairly obvious choice, but whatever : [video=youtube;3qgn1Rc0YJ4] ] Morrissey. King of the major triad. The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out is cool too. Yeah it's the frogs in boiling water effect. Rediscovering your humanity - great stuff. There's nothing like doing a bit of creative manual labour, whether it be house renovation, car mechanics, furniture restoration. Upcycling's great. Don't forget the before and after photos to refer back to for satisfaction. Oi. Correct this, madam else I'm calling the apostrophe police. Don't worry about the money thing. You've proved that you can get jobs and keep jobs and do them well. You could try doing contracts, or even investigating some kind of "consultancy" work from home or something? How about copywriting with your skills? Or proof reading (you'd have to watch those apostrophes)? Look into contractual telecommuting work. If you let Google be your friend, you can find websites that specialise in remote work. Hint - put "Anywhere" or "Telecommuting" or "Remote" in the filter. You could work for an American company contractually for example, with no time tracking. They pay well, because of the difference in economy. And don't let money spoil your enjoyment of what you have here. D has a job, you're working on the house, and you're increasing the value of the house. Everything's cool. Be cool. Don't be scared of shadows and ghosts.
  8. Sorry, it says UK in your little profile box on your posts. I am being stupid, apparently.
  9. Good for you, I approve! Rediscover your humanity a bit and all that. Hrumph! Nah all right, I'll let you off. Next reply I expect no more than ten minutes after my post. Stopwatch starts now. Yeah luv Ahm a Fackin cwocknee nah what I mean? Dahn the auld Kent road ('ave a banana), I knew yer granny, give 'im 'arf a pahnd, get orf me barrah, yeah mate, fackin proper BANGIN toons. R u 'avin' a Turkish? You fackin melt, wanna dry slap? Double droppin', 'avin it large.... comin up like a geezer. Aren't you English as well though? Or have I got confused somewhere and you're a Yank/Canadian? Ah no. It's strictly a hobby. I used to have a few regular gigs in the nineties but they were twisted outta space parties. Sorry to disappoint. Nowadays, I think of myself as more of a vinyl collector who sometimes DJ's. But I do know how to mix on a couple of 1210's without autosync, 'nuff said (nudge, wink). Here ya go, next time you're in the bath with the old sunlight coming through, and the whtasaface er... victorian styling or whatever it is and vanilla candles and some really expensive "conditioning" shampoo with lobster font on the bottle "because you're worth it" etc, try this one (and bung some bass on it). : [video=youtube;iKzja_DP-UQ] Ironically, not available on vinyl. But never mind. Deep and throbby, no? that's the kind of thing I buy nowadays. Works surprisingly well over a big system. Well yeah, a few people on here have said it now. And also, like I always say, you'd be surprised what you would find in Shakespeare's waste paper basket. That's just marketing. One person gets the lucky jackpot and acquires a behemoth of a marketing machine behind them and then everyone goes out and buys it in a desperate attempt to look trendy. Not real art, like Stephen King. There's millions of writers better than the fifty shades of grey bird, they just don't have that magic marketing department behind her that all own Apple Macs with fluffy stuff hanging off them and a "Mood board". Do it for the art, not the success. Your writing style and your description of your life conjure up to me a fairly artistically and style-minded person. Not fashion, but style. Don't write for money, write for kudos amongst the artistically minded. Continue writing please when you find the time, it's nice to hear about your life, it's kinda sweet. You and D sound like such a chemically exciting couple.
  10. Seerms the more I listen to people and read about people talk about online dating, the more I realise it just doesn't work, for the vast majority. Aside from a few extremely isolated examples. And that comes as no surprise really, considering the nature of it. Personally, this is why I refuse to do it, just seems like a waste of time to me. This demonstrates my point perfectly. I reckon you're much better off forming new social scenes somehow in real life. You said the coffee shop girl "seemed" to have a bf - maybe get some more coffee from there and find out?
  11. Oh cripes, I sincerely apologise, madam! I wasn't really thinking when I wrote that, it was kind of a figure of speech. I of course would never want to pry into your personal financial life, didn't wish to sound rude. It was more a kind of inquiry as to how one gets hold of a property like this in the first place, I guess, and of course the answer, as you put, was location (and that it needs work). With these things, my advice is always remember to break the job down into lots of small, manageable jobs. I wish you the best of luck with this. It'll be crackin' I promise ya! Just like climbimg a mountain, you'll be ok so long as you don't look down! Yeah Molly aside from the fact that she's gorgeous, is genuinely one of me favourite dj's. She has real class in her mixing and track selection. Is it because she's French? Well. I wouldn't want to stereotype Cassy and Sven Vath are two more of my favs. "Eats everything" is a good DJ, also Laurent Garnier's still good, as is Roger Sanchez. Todd Terry was my favourite back in the day, early nineties (oops, showing my age a bit there). Mr. Scruff was always good for a bit of retro soul music. But I reckon Molly and Cassy are two of the best easily currently. The women are taking over the scene, and about time too! I do a bit of DJ'ing myself, as it goes. Still play vinyl, kind of tech-house, I guess. Been doing it since about '91. Of course, I'm a rock and roller at heart, but I found the two scenes not entirely similar. Anyway, all the best with everything. And yes I agree with the others, you have a captivating writing style which is cute and draws one in. And *gasp* actuallly has paragraphs. I actually read all that "junk" as you put it. Perhaps you should look into writing a few books, etc. ? Also, your spelling and punctuation are bang on point, which only adds to the experience.
  12. These Americanisms amuse me. "Reached out" = contacted. I remember years ago when the yanks started this whole "solutions" thing - a chair became a "seating solution", a plate became an "eating solution". Haha I love it.
  13. You sound like an interesting and stimulating woman, "D" is a lucky man. Glad to hear about your house, sounds wicked. How are the "renovations" going? And tell me, 6 bedroom, how did you manage it? Are you loaded, or is it in a cheap area and good price because it needs work? I like a bit of house music as well, although more deep tech-house nowadays, space cadet, bit of the Berlin stuff and dark Italian stuff, although I like a bit of funky house as well (just can't be doing with too many vocals). I listen to it here in the rusty space pod when doing repairs to the improbablity drive and when relaxing with a pangalactic gargleblaster or seven. I'm a big fan of Molly Emeline (in more ways than one but mainly for the music). Check her out! [video=youtube;BH9QMK3dhIM] ] All the best. Infinity and beyond, baby!
  14. But you got there in the end, which is the main thing.
  15. I think the problem with online dating, and indeed dating agencies is it kind of works the opposite way round to what seems natural. The way I've always worked is to be attracted to someone chemically, after having seen them IRL at some point, and then take it from there. Rather than evaluating them on paper then meeting them if they seem compatible, and we inevitably find there is no chemistry there. In online dating, all you have is a photo, and possibly a voice, you can't see the way they smile, the way they move, the way they walk, etc. etc. For example, "opposites attract" - I think there's a lot in that. But in online dating, an "opposite" wouldn't even get a look-in. Because not enough boxes would be checked. I'm not entirely sure I want a woman who's too similar to me, I've been there and what happens is you clash, a bit like red and orange. Now red and blue or red and green, that's a more complimentary combination. However, if it's all you've got, as in, you don't really meet any people IRL then fair enough, I guess, there's not a lot of options open to you apart from online dating. But it does seem to have an extremely low hit-rate compared to meeting IRL.
  16. Could just be massively unlucky, to be fair...
  17. Keep searching, man. You deserve better than a woman who is pathetically materialistic and shallow (your sister's friend) and one who mucks around (the college one). Be the best version of yourself you can be, and hopefully you get a woman who appreciates this. You sound like a man of sagacity, which is great.
  18. I use those interdental brushes instead of floss from instruction from my dentist. They seem a lot better than floss, sort of like pipe cleaners. My teeth I keep clean but they are a touch yellow because I smoke. People often make the mistake of thinking that teeth are white, they are healthy, or if teeth are slightly off white they are not healthy. Also a lot of people brush their teeth furiously all the time, but omit to floss/brush inbetween their teeth, and also they brush too hard with that scrubbing motion. Both things not good for the gums. Even if you brush your teeth a lot, if you fail to brush inbetween your teeth/slightly under the gumline then there will be much more food etc. stuck there than on the surface of your teeth..... It's a funny social phenomena - to think that a hundred years ago, one of the least of people's concerns was each other's breath.......
  19. Sometimes you can "clash" if too similar in too many ways.
  20. So you're gonna adopt a rope-a-dope tactic similar to what Ali used against Foreman? I kind of agree with you in a way. Although at the moment I've run to the hills
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