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  1. If you think it's possible to be sure that you'll be compatible with someone "forever and ever" then you're buying into a myth. Common sense would dictate that to be sure of this is an impossibility. If you took marriage out of the equation, are you happy with her? The thought of marriage often pressurises perfectly good relationships into breaking down. Silly really, considering marriage is an often misunderstood social man-made construct. Do what you want, man. If you like her, stay with her. If you don't then don't.
  2. I'm looking at your avatar and guessing if you've been playing these for 25 years, you started when you were about 3 years old. Which is impressive
  3. I once dated a woman who was 18 when I was 16. And I can assure you. That went swimmingly. Or at least from my point of view it did - who cares what she thought lol.
  4. If young women dated older men, and young men dated older women, then we could all kind of swap round after a bit - the young women who had been dating the older men could now date younger men when they got older, and vice versa for the men. So young woman dates older man, and young man dates older woman. Then as young woman becomes older, she dates younger men, and same for the original young guy. Sounds like fun, no?
  5. You're putting the in twice in the link - perhaps the forum adds in another one? / Yeah the forum box has in by defult. Delete that and then paste your link in. There are no teenagers around here, there's a family next door and a pensioner age couple on the other side. Although they are quite cool. However, the family have had builders in. I'm still in two minds about this. Or I could just go all the way and hammer out this over and over again at top volume while I'm doing it. In for a penny, in for a pound : [video=youtube;YyD4Y4-E98M] ] Relaxing wholesome family ente
  6. I'm afraid that I'm going to have to get old fashioned on "yo asses" - [video=youtube;GsFeB3vZdRI] ]
  7. ^^^ I just noticed "Stepdad's" - Apostrophe police alert. Guess we're even
  8. Hah! I found Morrisey Greatest Hits in my CD pile the other day (very different to my vinyl pile but that's another story), what one of my ex's stepdad's gave me (he was working for the record company I think) - that's the only reason I go out with girls, to get cd's. Then I split up with them. I try and get a couple of coffee mugs out of them as well if I think there's mileage in the relationship. Anyway, I like that one as well. What a great tune. This one has to be my fav - fairly obvious choice, but whatever : [video=youtube;3qgn1Rc0YJ4] ] Morrissey. King of the major triad.
  9. Can't get the attachment, but your profile pic reminds me of a young Deborah Harry, if you don't mind me saying so. For a "Show a picture of yourself" thread, there's bugger-all pictures on here! Although I'm sure you're all beautiful, of course.
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