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What do you do in this situation?

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So, I got off work at 3pm today. I was just bored and had to sit there for a few hours until someone came to pick me up. So. I was texting my friend she was like "Hey we haven't seen each other in a while. Wanna call me?" I said "Sure. I won't be home until like 5 or 6pm today." So I called her.


My boss had just gotten back a few minutes earlier before I made that phone call. She(boss) has a temper. She screams alot. I could hear her, from all the way, upstairs, screaming. When I was on the phone my friend said "Hey, what is that noise? I'm gonna give the phone to my brother." I said "Why?" She didn't answer me.


"Man, what the? Who is screaming in the background?" I can barely hear ya." I said "Oh uh that is nothing hold I'm lemme go outside to talk." I opened the backdoor. He said "Dude. I know something is up." I said "No I can assure you everything is perfectly fine." I walked back inside because it started raining. He said, "Look, I know you're lying to me. I hear somebody screaming at the top of their lungs." I said "Ok... So what. My boss is screaming but she's ok I think. She is just a bit ticked off is all."


He said, "Becareful I know where your at. You had texted me the street name and number and neighborhood name. I can come with my sister, if anybody is getting hurt. Are you ok?" I said "Look I'm fine. I just told you my boss just got home she is ticked off and screaming loud, that is all. No one is hurt." He said, "Hold On I'm About to call someone I'm put you on 3 way." I was like ok because I had no idea who he was about to call.


He called the police and not the normal 9 one one like a different number but still the cops. I couldn't see the number only his. He mutted my call on our 3 way, so I couldn't say anything(believe me I tried) but he told them 7 people were in the house and that they are screaming and need the cops to go there. I begged him not to but after that he and his sister refused to answer any of my calls.


At this point I was freaking out(in my mind) I was hoping they would not show up. But a few minutes later they did. My boss started to yell at me even though I explained to her what happened and I got fired(well, she hasn't really fired me yet but she said she's going to talk to her husband and so they both can decide what to do).


I explained to her the phone call I had with my 2 friends and that they were the ones who called. She started blaming me and said it was all my fault, and wouldn't really listen to what I had to say. My parents are mad now too.


My friends only knew the street name and guessed the house address(I did not tell them a house number they guessed the right one) probably because it was the first house on the street. Then she(boss) goes on a rant and starts calling me very digusting names that you shouldn't call anyone. That is so unproffesional(I'm not talking about light name

calling like "you're stupid. I am talking about full on, not ones like stupid) And who calls a teen that, disgusting if you ask me. I didn't even name call her anything. I'm a babysitter.


What would you do in this situation?

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If I read this correctly, you were at your babysitting job and your boss (the parent) comes home and starts yelling, alarming your friends over the phone. Given that this is a house situation and given your description about how your boss ranted at you, I'd say that must have been some extreme yelling. If I knew my friend was in a private home with someone yelling that extremely, I may have done the same as your friends and called the cop to check. Your friends might have thought you could have been in real danger and just saying everything's okay. I would be glad to have friends that cared like that about me.


I know it's a loss of a job, but good riddance to that job. I feel for the kid you were babysitting for though.

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I would book it out of that job so fast they'd have their hair blown back for a week. Don't blame your friends. Let this sink in, your boss was screaming so hysterically that your friends actually freaked out, got worried for you and everyone's safety, and called the cops on the woman.


From what you describe, your friends didn't do it to be nasty or mean or as a prank, they seriously thought something was going on and that people could get hurt or even dead. And you know what, if the woman can't even have enough sense to say, "Whoa, my anger is so bad I actually had the cops called on me for it," then I'm sorry...and I can't believe I'm going to say this as a grown adult...but screw her.


Find another job, one with an adult that isn't a poster child for anger management therapy. Tell your friends you got fired, but thank them for opening your eyes to a seriously blipped up situation.


And your parents obviously haven't had to work with this woman or they'd be ripping her a new one so loudly the cops would be called again. If anyone ever did that to my kid they'd rue the day they crossed him and me. I'm sorry, but no. Not acceptable by anyone's standards.


On your end though, next time best thing to do when someone starts a battle in the background is say, "Oops, someone's mad, call you back," and then just hang up the phone. You did let it escalate in that you kept them both on the line getting more and more freaked out about it, when you should have not let it get to that. But I'm pretty sure until something like that happens to most of us we wouldn't have handled it any better.


And yes, I feel sorry for her kid. Bounce out of there, find a new job. There's no reason to keep working for crazy. Sorry this happened, please just get away from these people though.

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Sounds very unpleasant and difficult at that house, poor kids.


I would thank those people for the opportunity to work with their kids, and let them know you are moving on to other jobs now. Thanks, and good bye, basically.


The mom may be unprofessional, but you don't have to be. And if you think those kids are in danger, let someone know.


I remember being an early teen and babysitting. I think for future jobs, it's not a great idea to hang around at the people's houses talking to friends for hours while you wait for a ride. Old enough to baby sit, I think, old enough to be able to get around on your own (I'd hope, since you are taking care of kids).


Also, in future jobs, if someone is screaming or the situation is uncomfortable, just leave. This is another point where being able to get around on your own makes things easier for everyone - you won't feel trapped at someone's house waiting for a ride , and they will get their home back to relax after your job is done. Win win.

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It doesn't make any sense to attempt a phone conversation instead of either dealing with the family you've been hired to deal with, or if you're off work, getting yourself out of there.


If you're saying that the neighborhood was too unsafe to walk away, then it's also too unsafe to work there.

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You need to quit that job and tell your friend how out of line he was. Also don't make personal calls at work and if it got too noisy you should have said to your friend "listen, I've got to go now".


Your friend should not have done that after you repeatedly said things are fine. People are allowed to argue/yell in their own homes and you were in no danger. Your idiot friend got you fired and this boss is out of line as well. Tell your folks about all this.

He said, "Hold On I'm About to call someone I'm put you on 3 way." I begged him not to. My boss started to yell at me even though I explained to her what happened and I got fired.
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