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To the man i've loved for years... I guess it's goodbye?


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To this man I want to say that the time we have spent together has been amazing. The late nights watching movies, talking and laughing and cuddling were my favorite. I felt so amazing with you, and safer than I have ever felt in your arms. I truly with all my heart feel that we are soulmates, but am figuring that I will never truly know. Every time feelings grow and get strong, you back off and seem to disappear out of the blue. While I understand we both have lots going on in life, I have always hoped you would at least try to give us a real chance. Others may think it is stupid and not understand why, but I love you. Sad to say, but I guess forever you will be my "what if".


"Of all the words by tongue or pen the worst of all were might have been"

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I read it and frankly he sounds like a commitment phobe. I think that romantizing this is not serving you well. chi


Yeah I mean the thing about relationships and even flings is that both parties have to be up for taking a risk of getting hurt, which almost always happens at some point. If one party is not afraid to go "all in" as it were then you can never really get past a certain level of intimacy.


But oh well. Why not remember it as fun, and move on? Nothing wrong with that.


Just an afterthought - could it be something to do with the kids which accounts for why he's backing off?

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