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11 year age gap breakup - I'm truly heartbroken


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My boyfriend of about 6 months (I'm 19, he's 30) and I broke up two days ago.


He made me feel like I had this confidence that I think I've lost now. I was dependent on him for happiness, which was a mistake that I didn't think I would make, perhaps due to my rough childhood too and lack of attachment to my mum.


So, 30 year old man with lots of ex girlfriends and commitment issues pursues a barely legal girl who had a rough childhood and attachment issues.


I think you see this far more innocently than the reality. I think he courted you, used you, could smell your naivety and vulnerability, and peaced out to pursue some other young one.

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Try not to give him so many excuses for it ending from having a difficult childhood to suffering from commitment-phobia to needing to settle down and work on himself to attachment problems to age gaps.

Unfortunately the issue is this 6561530]he even personally warned me before we started going out that he has a tendancy to call it quits after 6 months

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