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He rejected me in a condescending way?


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I've had a crush for almost a year, stares at me all the time at the gym. goes back and forth just to look at me, and I do the same.


I found the crush on Instagram and we followed each other, I finally had the guts to talk on insta and say hi, and he said that he's never seen me in his entire life and has no idea who i was and kept repeating that he has never noticed me before. I KNOW that he is lying !!! he made me feel like i am too ugly for him to notice. and then said that's he's dating ! and I know for a fact that he is not !


WHY did He rejected me in a condescending way?? How can I act around him when I see him everyday from now on?

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Eh...don't take it personally. He either just wasn't interested and tried to play it off like he didn't know who you were in some awkward attempt to avoid hurting your feelings OR perhaps he DOES have a girlfriend, and she asked him who you were, and he concocted a story claiming he didn't know who you were, etc. Or -- and perhaps this isn't what you want to hear -- he really DID seem to be looking at you at the gym, but when it came down to it, he wasn't *really* focused on you and in fact didn't recognize you at first when you followed him on Instagram. Regardless...again, don't take it personally. As someone else said, crushes are often unreciprocated/one-sided. It doesn't feel great, but it happens. When I think back on all the crushes I've had -- the ones who had no idea I was alive, the ones who knew I was alive but barely noticed me, the once who knew I was alive but didn't feel the same way -- I realize it's just a part of life.


I don't think he was being condescending, per se -- just perhaps trying to act casual about letting you down OR trying to cover his butt with a girlfriend. Who knows? You say you know for sure he's not dating anyone, but you can never know 100% for sure.

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Why? Probably because his gf reads his instagram. How can you know for a fact that he is not dating?


Anyway, I don't see condescending, just kind of rude and awkward. His behavior is not a reflection of you, but of him. He showed you that he is kind of a jerk. Seems like you might have dodged a bullet with this one. It's one of those where he is cute....and then he opened his mouth and you really wish he hadn't. Kind of shattered the cute illusion.


Well, now that you know you are free to focus on others. Just do yourself a favor and never ever ascribe to yourself bad behavior of other people. That is strictly on them and about them, never about you.

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