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Today i feel sick , hurt, lead into suicde


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its been 2 days me and my ex bf broke up ... he send me picture of hes gf that he hiding it from me that two are having sex, and he call me any names that shes is good in bed than i am .. and that shes good attitude and funny like i am ...... i feel not deserving... i dont eat , i crying a lot , depressed and stresss..... i took med pills seems not help.... i need help....huhuhuh

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He can't send you messages if you block him.


I don't mean not reading the messages or deleting them without reading.


I mean block, so he can't send you anything.


And you CAN help yourself. No one forces you to unblock him and read his messages.

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He is sick and disgusting! What type of douche would send pics to his ex about his new gf??? Report him there are ways to get him to stop if he setting up new accts with the intent of just harassing you. He is not worth your life, he not even worth a damn tear. I would laugh in his face!!!! He would be donkey of the year in my book, and I would get immense pleasure out of him making an a$$ out of himself trying to make me jealous. Walk away and never look back. Don't even hope to be civil or friendly with this guy, seriously you dodged a bullet big time, you may not see it now but he is bad news.

He is doing this because he senses it makes you feel like crap and he is getting his kicks off of it. Let this dude go and but block everything connected to this guy asap!

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Your pic is lovely, any decent man would be honored to have you as his woman. A man will treat you with love and respect. You have to respect yourself first though in order to get it, and that does not include running behind jerks who are not worthy of your time. When you feel down about that jerk you look in the mirror and see what I and others see. You have to command the respect you deserve and never settle for less.


I am glad you starting to feel better, this will work out for your benefit in the end.

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