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should i tell him personally


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I recently started dating the ex of a teammate of mine (we play football) they were together for 2 years and are broken up for about 1 year now. Both of them moved on now she 's really in love with me and i like her alot aswell and we are a couple atm. And he is having fun with other girls aswell . my question is should i still inform him about me and his ex being a couple because i'm not sure if he would care alot, but i think if i don't have a chat with him about it it could create some tension between us which could be avoided by just having a 5 min conversation. also i'm not sure what i could tell him, because "yo i'm seeing your ex, are you ok with it?" seems so meh ...


basicly i dunno which option is more respectfull towards him. Either let him find out by seeing us together or talking to him b4hand.

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maybe i should add that he probably already knows that me and her have been talking since alot of our shared friends have seen us talk at party's and stuff, in the beginning i told her i wasn't interested in her and stuff because she was his ex but i really grew to like her over time but most effort came from her part .

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