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New Relationship help


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So I have been dating this guy for about a month and things have been beyond amazing... Everyday we had great conversation and I would always fall asleep and wake up to cute texts and calls from him... Well about 4 days ago I didn't hear much from him, and sent him a text that I was thinking of him. He replied and said he was really stressed at work (he works almost 65 hours a week) and he found out his grandmother is in the hospital for heart problems. After that he just went completely silent, I didn't hear from him and last night he replied saying he'd give me a call... He was NOTHING like himself, he said he felt dead to the world and that he was really upset. Today is his birthday and I sent him a cute text saying happy bday and if I can get him lunch.. He replied with a group text to everyone saying he's not trying to ignore us he just wants to be left alone, he said he didn't know how long this was gonna be but he wants to be left alone and will contact when ready. Is this a red flag? Should I move on or is this something men do and he really is worth waiting for? Please help...

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