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  1. Have they even done any research into child psychology?! Obviously, even to simple old me who doesn't know much about it, it's not healthy for a child to reconnect with an abuser if they're still manipulating them. Wow. Has your mom ever considered adopting her? So she can have more say, make her go to therapy, ect?
  2. So she was apparently born at four months into pregnancy according to her father? 0.o wow, he sounds like a real tool. He's obviously manipulating her, I don't know why her worker would encourage her to talk to him b
  3. It really sucks that your mother is expected to pay for everything and care for your foster sister, but has no say over what she does. I really feel for you and your moms frustration. That girl needs counseling ASAP. Sad
  4. I don't trust vaccines too much either, Vic. I don't think they "cause" autism or anything kooky like that, but I just, I dunno. I don't like the idea of blindly trusting Big Pharma when it comes to injecting stuff into my body... Last vaccine I had was the flu shot when swine flu hit the US. My arm, where I got the shot, swelled up to the size of a baseball and was sore for weeks after wards. And I got the swine flu. And lived. lol
  5. Oh wow well then I totally understand your sleeping problems. Mine, I think, are chemical. Your right about dependence though, it's not technically a bad thing if you need it. Me, I wouldnt mind if a sleeping pill would totally zonk me out, I just want to sleep.
  6. Are you on meds for your insomnia Vic? I haven't been diagnosed with insomnia, but I'm pretty sure I suffer from it. At least 15 days out of the month, since I was a young child, I cannot fall asleep until the early morning - like as in 5-7 am. I've considered going to the doc to get sleeping meds but I don't want to become dependent.
  7. Please don't take acid ever again. It's very bad for you and you can have flash backs. One of my friends is "permanently" on a acid trip from yearrrrsssss ago cause it screwed with his brain.
  8. I'd be more upset over the fact she was making money and still taking yours than the fact that she is doing porn.
  9. All dogs will go for food if its laid out. Put the cat bowl up high somewhere, where only the cat can get it. And, well, your boyfriend just really needs to quit giving into begging. It's quite a simple fix. Within a few weeks the dog will quit begging, at least to the degree that he's begging now. Everything else just sounds like the behavior of a dog who needs a little more exercise and love.
  10. Lol wow you reallllllyyy fn' hate this dog. I was expecting some horrible, mean, unruly dog but this dog doesn't sound like that. He begs, because he's rewarded for begging. It's an easy fix, don't give into the begging. All the other behavior really is just dogs being dogs. Would you rather it be unhappy and lay in the same spot all day, or being excited and full of energy and love?
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