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Need Positive Energy!

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Ever notice that getting a new job is like online dating?


You sit in front of the computer, tapping away and browsing through what seems to be a limitless amount of possibilities. Much like online dating, you check for open positions, you read through profiles and see if what (or who) you are matches what (or who) you are looking for.


then, when you get a call and asked to come it almost feels like a date. You dress nice, you present your best foot forward and hope they feel the same!


And the call... the much awaited call back for the offer "would you like to keep going out?" or rather "would you like to work for us?"...



and that's where i am right now. I need the positive energy people! I interviewed last Friday less than a week ago and they are looking to fill the position pretty quickly (deadline is in March) so I'm hoping i get hired. I thought it was a great fit. I wasn't even looking for a position and they decided to call me back a year after they interviewed me last... uuugh. I'm hoping i made a good enough impression.... Seems like i did!




i hate the waiting. Either offer me the job or just let me know early on if you're gonna cut me loose.


Jeepers. just venting, and hoping some of yall would throw me some positive energy for this new position....

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If it's a job you really want then send a follow up email on sunday night so that they will get it on monday morning and restate your interest in the job. Just like in the dating game, you have to appear interested and take the initiative to reach out and show that you serious about being a member of their organization.



Years ago I used to think following up made you look desperate but I learned in the past 2 years that it shows interest not desperation.

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