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Advice for changing birth control? (possible TMI)

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I've been on the combined pill for a year and a half and I am thinking about changing. The formulation is 150/30 of Levonorgestrel and Ethinylestradiol. It's the first and only brand I have tried.



Advantages - don't have to use condoms (I find them irritating after a while and boyf has a long fuse haha), periods are on time and much lighter, hardly ever get cramps now.


Disadvantages - More instances of thrush than before I used the pill. I have had to go for regular smear tests in the last two years and every time the nurse has mentioned that I have discharge that they have to clean out the way first. The tipping point is change in sex drive, I don't really feel up for it anymore. I recently had a full week off to spend with my boyfriend, I thought we would be all over each other but instead I felt it was a chore. I just feel really 'flat' when thinking about sex or doing anything sexy...which is rubbish!


I realise that no pill will increase sex drive and part of its mechanism is to bind to testosterone, thus lowering libido, but has anyone had any success with other formulations? I was also considering getting the implant, but that will throw my nice regular cycles out the window. How did you prepare for that?


Thanks for reading

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I am on a different kind of pill. I was unable to take the combined pill because the increase in estrogen meant that my migraines were more frequent and painful. So my Doctor put me on the "mini pill" or the progesterone only pill. It works by creating a mucous membrane in your body that prevents sperm from getting to it.


Some of the upsides: I didn't get more migraines with taking it

Did not notice any decrease in sex drive

No increase in thrush either (at least for me)

No weight gain (which was a concern)


Some downsides:

It's a full 28 day cycle, so none of the pills are sugar pills which means you CANNOT miss a pill or your chance of getting pregnant goes up by 10%

You also have to make sure you take the pill at the SAME TIME every day. Even 3 hours out can throw it off and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

It makes your period go all wonky. I can go months sometimes without getting my period at all and then I might get it twice in the same month or it might last two weeks instead of one. There is no rhyme or reason to it. For some people it goes away completely (which seems ideal to me lol)


Now I don't know if that would be better for you...everybody is different. You should ask your Doctor about it though. Most Doctors don't initially recommend it because it has to be taken SO regularly that people tend to find it hard to stick to. I just programmed my watch to go off everyday at 3PM to remind me. I have been on it for 4 years now and would definitely say it works.

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