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i was with my exboyfriend for 2 years, he broke up with my just 2 days ago saying that he wants to be alone and that he wants to see what he is missing out. the last i hang out with him everything was perfect, plus we never really fought and we always got along really well...however, he said that the relationship is not exciting anymore, but it is so not true, because everytime we see each other we are so happy and the sex was always amazing. and i asked him if its me or he's losing interests because he doesn't find me attractive that anymore, and he said no....not only that the night before he decided to broke up with me i snapped a little bit at him but we fixed it and he even said i love you in the end, then the following day he just totally shut me out. and i called him about it, he was all distant and had that whatever attitude...oh god, im so confused please help

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Give him some space to miss you. Say ok to him and go out with your friends and have some good alone time. Keep your misery indoors.

Get new hair, a new outfit etc.

When he comes calling, and he will, act aloof.

If he wants to come back, seriously consider your options, if he can dump you like that, is he the man for you?

If you decide you do want him back, make him work for it. Don't fall into the same old routine.

And keep some time for yourself.

But in the meantime, have a good cry, then pick yourself up and go out there smiling.

Nothing is less atractive tan a miserable person and nothing more attractive than a happy one.

\good luck.

Love always

nenez xx

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I am sorry that this happened to you. For you it's all of the sudden, while he might have been contemplating a breakup for a while... that's usually the way it goes. Give him the space to figure it out. Don't contact him for a while, let him come to you.


I have been in this situation a couple of times, and in the end it works out for the best. If you get back together, try to communicate and work on the 'spice' of the relationship. If you don't get back together, you will have learned from this relationship as well.



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im sorry to hear this happened to you. as someone else said he was probably thinking about it for a while. my ex-boyfriend did the same thing last year and i havent seen him since. it all worked out for the best in the end but my heart was broken at the time.


take care of yourself, hang with your girlfriends and see what happens. hard to do YES but necessary for YOU!


i hope it all works out okay



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