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I'm so scared. I feel as if I may be developing a drinking problem. One day I was just so depressed I had a few. I hoped that it was a one time thing but then the incident repeated.


I can't believe I'm doing this to myself. It's so dumb of me to do when I'm underage. Especially when I'm on antidepressents. I had those damn pills. I always get side effects when I take them. I've talked to my doctor hundreds of times about taking me off them. Everytime I say somethin though, they just give me another pill to take.


What should I do before this becomes a habit?

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You've already made good progress in admitting that you may have a problem and wanting to stop, thats the hardest step. If you feel it has something to do with the pills then talk it over with your doctor and make try to find something that won't cause side effects. Otherwise you need to make an extra effort to not drink. If you do it when you get depressed, find activities and things to do. Keep your mind and energy focus on other things that interest you and make you feel good. If your doing this you'll be less likely to get depressed and less likely to drink. If your problems keep up, talk to your parents and tell them how you feel. They should be willing to do whatever they can to help.

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Trust me, my friend, you DON'T want to end up like me...


When I was 15, I became clinically depressed, and was on pills... They have their ups and downs, and weren't helping much, so I stopped taking them...


Where am I now?


I get drunk every night.... Then I slash my wrists... It's a vicious circle...


You're lucky I'm reading this while I'm sober!




XxX xXx

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Bf used to be an alchoholic.. and he says a lot of times it just takes determination... you'll never not want alcohol, but you can never allow yourself to drink more than .. however much you can drink and still be sober.


=/ No.. don't keep drinking... bf used to drink because he had to work full time and study full time then his exgf cheated on him, his brother got into drugs, and his mom left his dad for a year because she was too pissed at him (they're okay now). It started out as a few drinks now and then when he's depressed, and it got to the point where he'll wake up and drink, drink, go use the restroom, and depending on whether he's sober enough to find food he'll eat, then he'll drink again, go to sleep, wake up, keep drinking. =/ he even went to frat parties just so he can get free alchohol and did 100 shots an hour hoping he'll just not wake up anymore. o_O


Alcohol makes you more depressed and it's addictive, so once you're addicted to it and was depressed to begin with it's really hard to get out.


... bf only got out of drinking because he pretty much destroyed his liver in the 2 years when he was an alcoholic. basically, he had to stop or he'll die pretty soon when his liver completely fails.


o_o dont' end up like him. o_O

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Hey Rigel,


The first step is to admit that you have a problem. So, you already took the first step. The next would be to look for help. You say that they just keep you on antidepressants. Apparently they are not sufficient, and I would say OF COURSE pills by themselves are never the solution for depression. You need guidance and counselling when you are dealing with depression.


I have no experience with drinking too much. I have been on antidepressants for 2 years in the past, and I just started another ad now. As you said, drinking alcohol is dangerous on these meds. The meds already put a heavy demand on your liver, which is why the effect of the meds are stronger when you drink.


I have heard many stories about antidepressants being not suitable for teenagers. I would revisit your psychiatrist (I hope you got the pills from a real psychiatrist, not just from your doctor?), and ask for more specifics.


What are you taking, by the way?



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