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How much of the past is important?


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Recently started dating someone new. He had been in a 5 year relationship prior to me(A). Before that he divorced his ex wife. I came accross a journal and his ex wife(B) talks about his ex gf©. Apparently he also lived with her. Yesterday we were having a good conversation and being that I already know about this "C" he acted he didn't remember her name. Should I keep asking? Now I'm curious. Why wouldn't he tell me. How much of the past is important to learn about in a new relationship? I know it's the past but it still says a lot of the person and who they are today?

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Agree, the past is the past. It has nothing to do with your relationship. I try to talk about the past as little as possible.


Why do you want to know about his past relationships? I wouldn't. I just like to make sure they are now completely over in their hearts since I was a rebound, so i asked the guy I'm seeing when his last serious relationship was. But nothing specific. I wanted to make sure he wasn't pining away for anyone like my ex is.

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He probably doesn't want to drag up an aspect of his past which was a long time ago, ceased to be important a long time ago and may or may not have ended badly.


This all happened a long time before you two were together. It's not really your concern. And you certainly shouldn't be reading his journal! (Unless it's with his permission, of course!).

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Actually I'm going to go against the grain.


How many of us have thought "If only I'd had a convo with my partners exes I would've known to cut my losses and run"....lol


I personally think that's not a good way of approaching a conversation about exes. It's kind of a "gotcha" where you are looking for ammo to use against him.

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