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Why am I even asking this!! Is my boyfriends friend into me?!..


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Me and my Boyf have been together for two years now.

I have always been pretty close with his friend as we were all friends before me and my bf got together.

We were texting a lot and meeting up to go out to ice skating and for a few drinks, sometimes with my bf and on one occasion without him.


Now everybody is warning me to keep my distance as they can see these apparent signs, including my mum, friends and worst of all my bf. I value my friendship with his friend but also don't want to break their friendship up!


His friend always texts my phone rather than my boyfriends and invites me to do things, with my boyfriend. So I don't see how this is a problem however others do.


On nights out including both of our partners people always say that he get too close to me. My boyfriend has also noticed that whenever I'm near him his friend will pull me away to dance and gets quite close. Also, whilst waking between clubs his friend will offer me his arm and we link arms and walk together as my partner and his partner smoke and we are non smokers.

I also remember him in the club play fighting with me, literally jumping on top of me and telling me that I look got with my newly died hair. Not good I know, but maybe this was the drink?


I've also been told that he changed his holiday plans with his gf so he would be around for my bday. Whilst on my bday night out my bag kept getting caught on my dress, and he was always first to unattached it. This was the point my mum noticed and satiated that he was too close for her liking. Again, I think he was just being friendly.


The last straw to make me ask this question is....

He was on holiday with his gf and I was receiving messages from him asking if I was ok and what I was up to here? Surely he should be spending quality time with his gf?

Also, this weekend he invited me out with my bf however we couldn't go. Later that night I received a pic of him dressed up in fancy dress with the caption 'I'm gonna get u and then a few minutes later one saying 'wish u were both here



Any advice would be much appreciated! This is driving me nuts as I get along with him so well!




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I don't know, personally I don't see anything that would suggest he may be into you romantically. Maybe a bit too close, like a friend with looser boundaries than most people, but still, a friend. You were all just friends before, so if he wanted, he could have made a move before you started dating your boyfriend. I really think he just feels very comfortable with you and doesn't realize he's giving the wrong impression.


Maybe, if it makes you and your boyfriend uncomfortable, you could talk to him about boundaries now that you're in a relationship, and that some things may be seen as inappropriate in the new context, but be prepared that the whole dynamic of the friendship between all parties involved will change.

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This is a no brainier.. If other people -- including your boyfriend and YOUR MOM -- are uneasy with the way this guy interacts with you then you should distance yourself from him.


Stop answering his texts so frequently. Tell him to contact your boyfriend when/if he wants to make social plans with you both. Don't hang out one-on-one. Etc.


Honestly, it sounds like you kind of like the attention. It's flattering to your ego. If it made you uncomfortable, you would shut it down, right? You may like him back a little and if that is the case, figure out which you value more: this potential crush or your current relationship? You can't have it both ways.


Also, this guy is treating his girlfriend horribly. He's putting you first, by texting you when on vacation and rearranging plans with her so he can be there for YOUR birthday! Remember, how you get him is how you lose him.. Meaning, in the future should you two date he may do the same things he did with you with a new infatuation/love interest..

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