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What kind of artwork do you usually like?


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I;m thinking about my next painting and I was just wondering what people generally like. (would love to sell some of them too!)


Would it be..


1) Landscape- Nature, seascapes, mountains trees

2) Cityscapes - Streets, lanes, people walking, shops

3) Portraits - of people or famous celebrities

4) Animals- Cats, dogs, wildlife

5) Still life- Flowers, glass, decor

6) Nudity

7) Food- Dessert, drinks, Wine

8) Automobile- Cars, bikes

9) Culture/Architecture- Holy places, Dance, Music, Historical sites

10) Geek Art- Movie/TV/ Comic/Fiction- Batman, Superman, Avengers


Thats all I can think of. What would you like to see?

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I think all of them are popular, its just a question of tastes.

Though I like abstraction and surrealism a lot more, from what you listed (imagining what picture I would like to hang on the wall)

I would go with number 1 and 9) Cityscapes are cool too!

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You want your art to tell a story - even a small one. Example: So not just an owl on a branch - why is that owl on a branch? hunting, resting, is it about to take off, or did it just land. You need to create a mood, to draw the person in, give them something to take away from the picture.

Stuff like that


It is the difference between good art and great art.

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