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I'm going to kill myself one day i know it's coming

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I dont know where else to put this so this will have to do.

I have a problem with dealing with anger and i know one day it will lead to me killing myself.Okay,like when i get mad i go to my weight room and cut loose on my punchin bag.Most people work on a bag for about 20 or 25 minutes but when i start i cant stop.I stay on it losing all track of time or pain.I end up working to long and hurting myself.I don't have anything else to do i used to fight people just to fight it was a bunch of us who used to just fight because thats how we would escape all the stuff we were dealing with at the time.I stopped that because i know i wasn't just hurtin myself i was hurting other people too.To put it in short i got to good.So now i just have a punchin bag but i take it way to far.I've gone so far as too stay on my bag for like 2 hours and then when i get done i hurt so bad and i'm so tired that i pass out.I know that one day my heart is going to bust if i push myself to far because i used to know a guy who died after he pushed himself to far will he was workin out.(not on a punchin bag)

What should i do?

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Hey Guy,


Actually, a little punching bag is pretty good, cause you let off steam. But TWO HOURS is way past smart. Again, I think you should talk to someone, and get all your issues out in WORDS, not just in punches. Words are really important. I found a burglar in my house about 6 months ago, and it completely shook me up for a long time. Then, a friend had me just imagine them in front of me and I had to say in words everything I wanted to say to the imaginary burglar. It was amazing how much emotion and stuff came out - and how relieved and great I felt afterwards.

So talk it all out, type it out here on the forum, put your feelings into words.

And choose words that are less intense, you'll find it helps you deal. For example, instead of saying "I'm so FURIOUS," say "this annoys me." Annoys is lighter than furious, and it will lessen your anger. Believe it or not, our brains respond to language, and the words we use even to ourselves really change our moods.

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Hi - It's a really good sign that you see you need to do something about your anger. I'm not a professional, I really don't think I can give you a lot of good advice other than to talk to a real professional. There are a lot of free hotlines in the yellow pages. Talk to your doctor and your parents, maybe they can help you with your anger. The punching bag is a good start, but like the other post said, 2 hours is pretty excessive. You're a teen, and it's normal for your feelings to be going all over the place right now. Good luck!

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im no expert either, but i want to stress that a punching bag is THE greatest way to releive stress. Keep that up


ways to relieve stress:


1) change schools

2) ask for help

3) punch that bag

4) change schools

5) ask for help

6) change schools

7) ask for help


good luck my friend, and remember: who you are in school is almost the oposite of who you are in life for those who are not popular, sex gods ect. remember THAT OK? good boy

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Two hours on a punching bag. Dang! That really is pushing it too far; although, it is good that you have found a way to "vent." As some other people have mentioned, you really should try to find someone to talk to. I'm not going to ask you, but maybe if you could figure out what is making you so angry, you might not have to put your body through that hell. All you are really doing is running away from your problems. And, one of these days, your going to push it too far. All that running away from your problems does temporarily make you feel better. Trust me on that one. You can even agree to that since you seem to feel better when your done, but sooner or later, usually sooner, your right back at it again. Try to find someway to solve your problems. And if what is making you so angry is yourself--then try talking to someone.


I don't know whether any of this is helpful to your situation or not, but please try to stop running from your problems. I tried running from my problems for a couple years. It didn't help anything. Now I am trying to confront and solve my problems and I can truly say that I feel better. I still have some unpleasant thoughts at times, but it's not nearly as much as it used to be. I feel better than I did. Anyway sorry for rambling, I'm just trying to find some way to connect to you.


I hope something here is helpful. If it's not then I am sorry. But, whether it is or isn't, good luck with everything.

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Dont think like that! do you really want to leave, its such a bad escape, i thought the same thing as you but people are helping me here and they are all great, and we all want you to stick around, dont we guys?!?!? just think of the amount of pain you will leave on your family and friends! take up a hobby something to look forward to every week and something to take your mind of the pain!!

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