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again i come to you with my confusing relationships settle in, this is a big post. really sorry. this time its about me and this other girl at my church, we knew each other from when we used to go to school together and our parents are good friends


ok, so friday i went to an all-night/some of day after thing at my church. during the night portion me and my friends that i brought along (my friend adam and his girlfriend) mostly hung out together, i didnt talk at all to her.


the next day the whole thing broke up to go do community service, i was on the leaf raking team with my friends and her, there wasnt enough room in the van we took so one person always had to sit on the edge of the middle seat and everyone had to sit close in that row. anyway, we went to the first house and started talking while raking. when we got in the van to go to the next house we sat really close (i think its because we had to)


we went to the next house and flirted a bit. we got cold so we went back to the van. we sat close again but noone else was sitting there (i think its because we were expecting my friends to sit there soon)


the driver got a bit confused so we went ahead and ate our lunches (at wendys, ham sandwitches at wendys lol) anyway, we sat at a small table and talked/flirted a bit more, she went to get some napkins so i looked at my friend (adam) because he was siting with his girlfriend behind me, he looked at me and pointed at the girl (lets just call her dawn) and gave me the crossed fingers sign. we were getting ready to leave when she shoved her mountain dew in my hands and said that she had to go to the bathroom so i went out to the van.


the next house was realativily uneventful, but when we all piled into the van, she got the corner seat, and said "oh, cant i sit somewhere else? i dont want this seat" so i said jokingly "you dont want to sit next to me?" she said "no, i still want to sit next to you" we switched seats. oh! i dont know if this is anything but every once and a while to shove the leaves down into the bag better, she would have me pick her up and she would stomp on the leaves. other times she would just close up the bag and sit on it, i would hold her so she wouldnt fall backwards


the house after that, we were alone in the backyard. we discussed a few things, she kept mentioning that she broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. we worked our way up to the front and then we were about to leave when she noticed the neibor dogs, she was trying to fake bark at them but she couldnt open the window, so i put my arms around her and opened both of the clasps for her.


on our way to the next house, adam whispered to me "you missed it! you couldve had your arm around her!" i felt like a complete idiot. well, it might have been a good thing because 10 minutes later she told adam and his girlfriend to cut the PDA because she was on him partially (his girlfriend was on the corner so she had no choice, but dawn didnt see this)


the next house, we were doing that little strip of grass in between the sidewalk and the road, and she said it was still cold, so i said then take my coat, i took it off and tried to put it on her (one handed, didnt really work too well) she took it and put it on, she said "but youre only wearing a short sleeve shirt, wont you be cold?" i said "i dont think its that cold out" (it really wasnt, it was 2 pm, i thought it fine out)


the last few houses, she was really tired and didnt talk much. we went back to the church. me and my friends played hacky sack in the gym. dawn walked into the room with her friend and i asked where my coat was. i went home with my friends, but i had to go to the youth room to get my stuff. dawn said bye to me specifically.


sorry for the huge post, but i wanted to make sure i included details.


so did i miss my chance to ask her out? we only see each other at church and if i dont see her until next week, she might have asked someone else out.


need help as soon as possible!

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sure, it seems like she likes you =) Get her screenname/number and let it go from there if you don't feel comfortable yet. But definitely ask her out..even if another guy asked her out it doesn't mean she won't go out with you either. especially when someone just gets out of a relationship (like me..I just broke up with my bf a few days ago) they often want to 'play the field' to get to know people and what they want in a relationship. And that's fine. So go for i! =)





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There's an important piece of information in there - you said she told you she recently broke up with her boyfriend. Now, be careful dude. Yes she might be interested, but, you know how it goes. When girls break up with their boyfriends, many of them try to fill that void they feel by getting male attention from another source. I've experienced it. It reassures them that they're still admired and appreciated by other members of the opposite sex, and they may not necessarily be interested in something with you. I agree with the others that you should ask her out, but make sure she's just not using you on the rebound. And if she keeps mentioning her ex, take that to be a red flag.

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