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Is it a bad idea to date someone you work with in your career?


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Tread very carefully. Even if this person is a peer now, you never know if they'll become someone you report to someday. I personally have very strict boundaries about people I work with - even socializing too much in a non-romantic way is kept to a minimum. But that's also specific to my particular career.

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I did -same age range, same situation except that we worked in different departments. I would have not been comfortable if we were in the same department and/or if he supervised me. We later married (years after we worked together) so it all worked out. I will say that one thing that helped us be discreet- back then, no internet or social media. We had internal e-mail and voice mail but we were discreet on those too. I know, mid 90s -ancient times. I am so glad I went for it!

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Basically the topic title says it all. Is this a bad idea, both of us are in our career at the same place and we are both early to mid 20s.


in polite terms for the forum... dont "poop" where you eat. I would stay away from it. It never ends well even when things are going well. It could also hinder your advancement opportunities due to conflict of interest liabilities.


I just say straight up 'sorry I don't s h I t where I eat' when talking about this subject. In my opinion there's no exception. People talk about it. Who wants drama? No one.

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