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  1. I am grateful for my grandpa's service in WWII with the Royal Canadian Air Force.
  2. Vic, in Ontario you still get it yearly if you've had a bad pap. I am screened annually due to a LEEP procedure I had in 2005. I will always be screened annually because of that history. So the ones that have had negative results at one point are not left hanging - the 3 year recommendation is only for those that have never had that kind of history.
  3. True. The majority aren't. And I'm not front line - I'm at the end of the criminal justice system process. In my role in particular, we are very well trained. My Mom was amazing at her job and has only been retired for just under 3 years. She still works in a volunteer capacity and tutors too. All special needs kids and ESL kids too. She is awesome.
  4. Yes, definitely. We have a lot of knowledge, training and experience re: LDs, ASD people, plus much more. Additionally, one of my friends has Asperger's so I know a great deal about it. He's been a friend of mine since high school. When my Mom was working (she's a retired Principal/teacher) she taught a lot of ASD kids for years and years.
  5. Oh yes, any exertion would be hard with your lungs like that. I got caught in one of the downpours today - fun! I had an umbrella too, but it was useless. I'm glad he opened up to you, even if it was short-lived. I think knowing what to expect and all the details will help him process. It's so bittersweet knowing it's the best decision, but it still hurts so much and it's still so incredibly hard. I know I will feel the same with my kitty. I hope it is as peaceful as possible.
  6. If it's as humid there as it is here, I'm not surprised you're having breathing issues on top of the respiratory problems you've had! It was 35 with the humidex. And of course my a/c is messed up. UGH. I will be thinking about you tomorrow Vic. Actually, I've been thinking about you all weekend and week so far knowing that it will be a very rough day for your whole family. Big hugs for you and yours. I'll be holding you all tight from afar (well, not that far). Sending you strength and warm thoughts!
  7. Today I am grateful for my parents (as always). They came over and had bought me lovely plants and herbs for outside. It was a short visit, but very much appreciated.
  8. Totally understandable and I am much the same. Just because it's the right decision doesn't mean it's easy or that it doesn't rip your heart out. Hugs! How is your son doing about all this? Sounds like he really reacted well after contemplating things.
  9. Vic, you know that you are doing the right thing. I understand the split brain feeling - I do - but you would be a callous, selfish person if you didn't end inevitable suffering that your kitty will experience. I know you know this. You are being humane, caring, loving, and putting your kitty above and beyond your desire to keep him with you. The real selfish people are those that don't make these humane decisions. Hugs!
  10. So sorry Vic. Hugs to you and your family. I know it's going to be so devastating.
  11. Today I am grateful for real friends that understand the balance of give and take in a friendship and never take anyone for granted. And for my family - always.
  12. Awwww, he's beautiful! Yes, they are a part of our families…it's horrible heartache all around.
  13. Oh no I'm soooo sorry Vic. That is just terrible. You are making the right decision though - know that. Take some deep breaths as much as you can. Good luck at the meeting and good luck with telling R later. My heart aches for you guys. My kitty just turned 17 yesterday and I know I don't have a lot of time left with her. It's so hard….
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