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*Bewildered Look* This is getting worse and worse.

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I had made another previous post (Its either black or white), and I thank everybody who responsed. But now something really bad is happening.


Today my boyfriend of 7 months told me that my excessive anxiety over our relationship is beginning to freak him out and he doesn't know what to do to make me feel better. We havent been allowed to talk on the phone or see eachother because him and his dad got into a really bad fight. I am really afraid of losing him, and I think I am clinging too hard because I love him so much.

Then in study hall he told me that he doesn't know what's going on (with us). We're so completely different. He doesn't understand me, I don't understand him, etc. I don't think he realizes that Im TRYING to understand him. Hes a very... shielded type of person. He gets angry because Im concerned that he will suffer severe after effects of smoking pot and just said that it's "getting old" that Im so concerned about it.

He said theres always tension between us and he could have avoided this whole thing by never speaking to me in the first place. (This whole thing, being our relationship). He said he began to "like" me before he read the "fine print" and he should have stopped it before it happened. Then I told him that if he wanted to end it, he needs to do it now. His response was "I'm not going to end something this important in a brash sort of way. I might just be tweaking out."

Tonight he was going to hang out with his 5 or 6 of his friends. He hardly sees them at all because he spends the majority of his time with me. I think maybe he may just need to spend some time with them and be alone for the night or whatever. He said that may be it but he doesn't really know.

When we left school, he told me he loved me. I know he wouldn't say that if he didn't mean it. So he isn't stringing me along.

Im not calling him. If this is that important to him, I believe he will call me.


Should I brace myself?

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