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Ok it's a really long story...... In April my fiancé left me to go back to his ex (who left him before after 3 years and broke his heart and they had a really bad relationship before, they fought all the time and they were basically over for a year before she got the courage to walk away) we were together for nearly 3 years and have a gorgeous lil boy together and were booked to get married in August so this destroyed me!!! Wen he left he sed it's cus he was still in love with her and I respected that I was broken hearted but I beer begged him to stay and iv not once tried to get him back or told him I miss him or still love him (I still do very much) well since he's left he's been a nightmare towards me, all iv done is try n set up regular contact with our 2 year old n he's been so difficult! Hes barely seen him, he'll see him once a week or a few weeks then she will kick off and he stops! She has told me that she wants nothin to do with our son and she's not happy that he has a child, ( I don't allow her to meet my baby cus after her attitude towards him I don't trust her) iv been told on loads if occasions that he's miserable and they fight and she's really aggressive with him, I don't understand why he's still there , we were so chilled and happy! Had a few rows but normal stuff never anything big! Well I found out yesterday that they r getting married next Saturday! I'm gutted really , y so soon? Surely they cus wait and plan like normal people they literally booked it last week I don't understand!!! Did I mean nothin to him?? Y is she so against me wen iv done nothin but be respectful of their relationship!! I never text unless I absolutely have to ( which is sometimes once a month) a never call cus at least with a text I have proof of what iv sed cus wen I have rang him to talk about out son he rings her and tells her iv wen tryin to chat him up!?!? I swear I haven't done anything like that I have more pride!! Why does he lie?? Cus then she rings me shoutin and screaming that in pathetic n need to leave him alone etc.... It baffles me!!! Also he's spoke to my grandad a few months ago tellin him that he doesn't speak me as much as he wants and that his gf does his head in and that she goes mental if I contact him or if he even mentions his son in her presence!! She's a very jealous person, he's had to stop seein his female friends and goin out with mates!! I never stopped any of it, I was trusting..... Wat do I do?? In so confused, I still love him..... Do u thinks he's goin to regret this?? Has he lost his mind lol all his mates hate we n thy say in 1000 times better n looks and personality ..... Please I need advice..... Oh n pls don't be mean cus i honestly haven't tried to hurt their relationship I just want people opinion in the situation .... Thank u xx

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Your bf has gone back to his ex as a result of his own issues, they have less to do with you than you think.


What you do know is you're responsible for you and your kid. It's not your job to make sure he sees his child. It's his responsibility and he's the one who should care.


If you keep doing things for someone, they don't have to do those things themselves.


Stop being his doormat and go NiC.

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Objectively, it's fast. Afterall, there's no fire.


But There could be a number of reasons and I'd only be guessing. Having broken up before, 1 or both of them might think it will give them security. Or maybe they feel so "in love" that they think it's the right thing. Plus they've known each other for years, so they won't think it's that quick.


What you need to take from it is, emotionally you were probably a rebound, and your relationship with him is over.


Think of your life like a play. This is the end of an act. If the audience were watching you, what would they think about what's going on? What would they be hoping happens? You getting back with your ex would make them cringe. How do you want this play to go?

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