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losing your virginity

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okay I havent had sex yet,but I would wait until you know the person,get to know everything about them like there hobbies and interests,what there favorites are,especially know there personality and who they are.Its important to know who the person is.But the main thing you want to ask yourself is do you love them,sex is a form of love,expressing love.Make a commitment to this person dedicating yourself to them.You are giving them your body and so they give you theres.Sure the pleasure is great but its the love that matters and the effection.If you just plan on having sex to share the love of course make sure he is wearing a condom,and if both of you have come to an agreement and talked it over ahead of time of having kids,then may it be a moment to charish and just shelter each other in the love that is shared and thoughts of the future.

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This is a bad question to ask guys. I know when I lost mine I waited a week and that was because she was not ready. hee hee I know that it didn't matter I was ready all the time with whomever wanted to do it with me. I know I was a super sleazy back then.



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Well, I've been dating him for over a month but known him for almost 2 months. I know that I love him and that he loves me too. I just feel really ready, but I don't know if I want to give it away so soon. I just worry what others will think about it. He has only had sex with one other person and only did it with her 2 times.

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I was with my ex bf for 3 years before we had sex. We had sex and it was terrible and 6 months later we broke up..... We didnt know what we were doing and we got much more enjoyment out of doing other things.....


When I met my current bf of 4 years now, we waited maybe 10 days... At the time I couldnt believe it was such a short period of time.. .But today I am very happy with my decision.

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Love is pure and true, sex is just really sweaty and animalistic, which is not a bad thing. It's not spiritual your first time though, and if two virgins are involved, I would be surprised if anything actually gets done...lol. I was 17, I had known the girl for a few weeks and she was wicked hot, she knew EXACTLY what to do(pretty experienced) and that's what college is all about. Here I am 12 women later and it's still best when you just met the person, or if you don't even know their name. I swear. Love is cool too though. Good luck!

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i was with my bf for 8months and we knew each other for a year prior to being a couple. things between us afterwards were great, because it was something we shared together and i knew it was the right time. he was expecriecend and he treated me well. we had talked about it and he let me talk about any worries that i had and things. i was so relaxed with him and it was great.

the worst thing that can happen is that you have sex and then later regreat it. although we're not together right now, due to some personal issues, i dnt regret it and i know that i was ready. if ur not ready dnt do it, dnt ever feel presurized and anything.

in my opion tho i think a month is too soon, but thats just my view. i know you say you love him so if you do, then it wouldnt harm you to wait a bit more would it?

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I made the mistake of losing my virginity to someone who didn't deserve it, and got quite hurt. Knew her a grand total of 6 hours.


I haven't slept with my current girlfriend yet. We've known each other for about 4 years, and been dating for over a year now. Doesn't bother either of us to wait, and I know it'll be worth it.

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Hmm.. my first (and so far, only) time was a one-night-stand with a friend of mine I know from internet. I was in Amerika for a little while, and she was driving pretty much through the place I was staying, so we met up for one day (and night ). We knew we were 'forced' to sleep together, but we didn't really plan on having sex. That just kinda happened.


To answer some questions : I was 23. We knew eachother for about a year prior to that moment. There was no romance involved. It was just a nice way to spend some time together. Oh, and she had a LOT more experience than me. (And we haven't been able to meet again, since )


When I told my 'internet-mom' about this, she said it was a quick and nice way of losing my virginity. I'm pretty sure she's right. I consider myself pretty romantic. So I had all these perfect images of doing it the first time (first kiss and all that ), but let's face it.. losing your virginity is not something romantic and nice. It's something that needs to happen so you can learn how to do it, and eventually enjoy it.. a lot, hopefully. =)


Personally, I don't think sex is special. The special thing people seek is called 'making love'. Which is something you do with someone you love (duh ), imho. I think it's not a good idea to wait with having sex too long, if you're serious about a relationship. Unless you both don't have a real need for it. Sex is part of life. If you wait too long 1) expectations may rise beyond reality (which isn't such a problem if you acknowledge that you may have too high a expectations), or 2) you find out that the sex isn't that great between you two, which probably results in breaking up sooner or later.


Just my 2 cents.. please keep in mind, I'm NOT talking out of experience. This is all just from what I've heard and decided to remember to form my opinion from.

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The girl I lost my virginity to was someone I had known for a few years, and we were friends. Didn't really date though. One day, we just decided to have sex and get rid of our virginity. She was a virgin also. It was ok, it lasted about half an hour. Since we both lived with our parents, we did it in my car in a secluded park at night.


Didn't really change our friendship afterwards.

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We had been dating for about 2 years. I knew it was right because I wasn't very nervous, and it just felt right. I know that doesn't really help, but.. it's hard to explain. Like, it felt really okay, like, it wasn't a mistake. Anyway, it only made us closer, it's not like it was awkward at all or anything after. It only made it better.

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Me & my boyfriend waited about a year and a half. He's the one I lost my virginity to as well. I've had chances to lose my virginity before this with other boyfriends, but it just didn't feel right. I always knew that I wanted to lose my virginity to someone I loved more than anything & I could never have sex with anyone I wasn't in love with.


I'm glad I made the decision I did. I really would have regretted losing it to another boyfriend. I wasn't with my other boyfriends nearly as long & I wasn't totally in love with them. I mean, I loved them, but deep down I knew they weren't the one. My boyfriend is my best friend and I can see us being together forever. Thats the type of guy I wanted to be my first and hopefully my only one.

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I think it depends on the person, eg how they feel about sex. Age is definitely a factor too. I waited just over a month, but i felt ready, i was 20 and i wanted to experience new things. Even though we only went out for 4 months and i never loved him i don't regret it at all. I had fun, and i know when i find a guy i'm in klove with it will be a whole lot more special and have more meaning.


There is no right time to wait, if you want to, go for it, its your life dont l;et others dictate if your right or wrong.

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I'd like to add something.. when I said sex is nothing special, I meant the act itself. However, there will always be this 'connection' between you and the other person. (Unless, I suppose, you're both so drunk you won't even remember in the morning. ;P )


But yeah, just do it if you feel like it. And vice versa.

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I know this is probably going to sound bad,but my boyfriend and I were only going out 2 months when I lost my virginity to him.But we're still together!!It's been 15 months now!!Things were getting hot and heavy that night and it just led to that.But I never regreted it!I love him!

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We'd been together about 4 1/2 months. Id known him for about a year. We are still together.


The thing is, I felt like I think you do - READY. I don't think it matters at what stage into a relationship it is (unless its the first time youve met them, as that isnt really a 'relationship' yet is it), it's how you feel. I had dated someone before that whom I almost gave my virginity too - in the end I didnt (and ended the relationship shortly after) because I just knew in my head and my heart that it wasnt right, and I wasn't ready.


I'm happy that it happened when it did, and how it did. We have a very strong bond between us and it's only strenghthened by our lovemaking.

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Ok, I know what you're going through. I waited a year and a half before making love with my boyfriend. It was when I visited him at his airbase, and we watched a movie, and started fooling around. Then he put on a CD, and we made love. The only change I can think of is it made us closer. But we still act the same and everything. I can't explain how I knew I was ready, I just was. I guess if you have a doubt, you aren't, but then again, I kind of did too. So good luck to you, and please be safe~!~

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