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What attracts you guys about a girl or woman?

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I don't know about you, but I've realized how I seem to like the sophisticated, reserved type. If a girl talks too much about sex early on, I lose interest in her. Being on a more conservative side, not only in looks but also in the manner a girl dresses, greatly appeals to me, although it's usually harder when the girl is a little too shy (doesn't talk, etc.). I'm more attracted to the "lady" than to the "fisky cat," although I wouldn't mind the friskyness going up a few notches when her and I are alone.


- Do you guys echo these sentiments, or, what are your views?

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Well, the old saying goes:


Every man wants his wife to be:

A lady in the parlor

A cook in the kitchen



And it's true, that's what guys want, but its not very fair to the women and it doesn't happen often.


It doesn't sound like you have thought about the cook part, you just want the first and the last.

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Oldguy speak for your fricken self mang i do not want that at all.I would not and WILL not treat my wife like that i will treat her with every amount of respect i have and i know it because i am great guy.Ur not speaking for every man your only speaking for the hormone enraged mean guys that think women are second behind us when we are both 2 equal human beings.A relationship is 50/50 i think and im gonna keep it that way.Watch out for whenever u say every man because u are not stating the truth cause u do not know how i think just giving a lil heads up

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Well iono maybe there are a lot of males like the ones u describe....Maybe thats why many girls tell me that i am a one of a kind guy and whichever girl gets me is truly lucky.They say that they wish they could meet a guy like me like when i describe some of my personal thoughts and opinions to women online.They think im really nice and is a one of a kind guy and that makes me happy a proud will always stay the way i am today and keep it that way.relationships=50/50 till the day that i die!!!

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Well i am attracted to to srong women. I have a specific type they have to have these elements; highly intelilgent, attutide, self confidence, stubborn and outspoken. I cant say i can relate to the whole conservative thing but thats you.


Please stay that way Day Walker! Too many guys are intimidated by the characteristics you mention. And they're wonderful characteristics!

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Those traits mentioned by Day_Walker basically characterizes me..and it's true, many guys are intimidated by me. I think this is true of a lot of women in law school actually..that's where I'm hoping to meet my future spouse because undergrad isn't really cutting it.

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First of all I am sorry for the profanity in my post.


To Shinobie, I was not really trying to say anything about women, so much as the attitude I saw in the comment:


I'm more attracted to the "lady" than to the "fisky cat," although I wouldn't mind the friskyness going up a few notches when her and I are alone.


I don't think its fair, or realistic to expect a person to be one thing in public and another is private.


Apperantly the post failed to convey the point I was trying to make, and offended.


I am trully sorry.

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