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Why 99%of men forgive their girlfriend for sleeping 3 times with another hot guy


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Guys are COMPETITION DRIVEN creatures. They will want to WIN the competition and KEEP THE GF and make the GF dump the other guy she sleeps with


I'm a guy and I'm not competition driven at all. If I were with a woman who had even the slightest shred of interest in another man, we would be through because I know I can do better than that. And I would be laughing at the poor loser who just inherited a cheater.

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I think you are using the 'hotness of your girlfriend' to compensate for any kind of insecurity and lack of confidence that you may have. What you are failing to recognize: the majority of people are NOT going to be impressed by how hot your girlfriend is and thus take you for a stud or 'cool guy' - but they will most likely have pity for you (if they are decent people) if you fail to stand up to someone who is clearly taking advantage of you and disrespecting your personal boundaries - hotness doesn't factor into this at all.


Most people I know don't forgive unacceptable behavior just because somebody is supposedly hot.

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Although there are significant cultural differences between the US and Europe (I have lived in both), neither culture supports disrespectable behavior solely due to someone's 'hotness' factor. If it happens, it's an individual personal choice, but not due to the culture.

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yes, but one thing is what society considers right (family, career, etc), and completely another thing is what hot women over and over again choose (alcohol, fun, sex like a sport, etc)


Hot women can literally get away with ANYTHING

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