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Met new girl, don't know how to ask her out

AC Slater

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I've met an awesome girl through work, she works for the same company as me but in a different location. I started working for this company a few weeks ago, went to their xmas party last week and saw this girl who i instantly felt insane attraction to. We were literally staring at each other all night but she left before i could approach her.


she's been doing a few shifts at my work to cover for some people, and we've hit it off awesome. ridiculous flirting, she seems really into me. I just can't seem to seal the deal so to speak - do i just ask for her number casually .. ? how do i do this .. i don't use facebook anymore and that would normally be my first plan of action. Do i just man up and ask straight out for her number and whether she'd like to do something next time i see her? she only works a shift in my store every few weeks .. i know she's single as well. I'm so scared of rejection, and at the risk of sounding like an arrogant idiot, women are normally the first to make the move in my dating history.


God it's been so long i've forgotten what to do, i used to be the man and now it's like my balls have been amputated ..

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Walk up and ask her if she would like to get a coffee sometime. Simple.


You not overly committing to anything and you get a chance to talk to her on her own in a more intimate setting where you can get passed all the fear and break the ice. Im sure once you are sitting in front of her having a laugh you will get the courage to ask her to something more romantic.

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Step One: Find your balls, they probably rolled into the dusty corners of your room

Step Two: Stitch balls back on

Step Three: Invite her out to after work drinks.


*if you feel your balls are detaching slightly in Step Three, make it a group after-work social to take the pressure off. "Oh hey, some of us are heading out for drinks after work, wanna come?"

**If there's a natural attraction, you two will eventually find yourselves alone together from the rest of the group

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