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Games that are so gay

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In line with a previous thread "movies that are so gay" The scifi/fantasy genre as many of you know has been very lacking in the gay friendly department, we just don't seem to exist. I'm playing a RPG game called "Dragon Age Origins" and it is pretty impressive it has a couple of gay characters in it, and with the right MOD (modification) you can remove all the gender identity, so love is possible between any character. The second version Dragon Age II even has a gay bar in it. It is also nice to see that this hasn't been that controversial paving the way for more of the same I hope.

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All games are going that way when it come to romance/sexual parts in the game.


Back in the day it would have certainly been controversial to have a gay theme in a game.

Now it seems more looked down upon when people do protest against it.


Sure you will get your trolls on the internet who complain about it just to get a rise out of someone, but they are just trolls which is the equivalent to spineless low life scum.


Skyrim for example has same sex marriage.

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Did games like Leisure Suit Larry have any gay scenes in it? Those were made in the late 80's/early 90's. I'm pretty sure there was a chip n dales bar that you danced in. I think Leisure Suit Larry 3.


Police Quest

Leisure Suit Larry

Space Quest

Kings Quest


The true golden age of gaming.

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^^lol, yes I love doing that. and there was an old game I played that I think came out for the NES, its one of those side scrolling fight games were you beat up a ton of bad guys. anyway there's some hobos in the game and when I went to hit one he got on his knees and gave me a bj I was like holy crap this was released for children!

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In the original Dragon Age, Zevran is completely bisexual. You can romance him regardless of the gender of the player-character.


In Dragon Age 2, Anders can also be romanced by either. The key difference is that he actually discloses that his first love was a man regardless of what decisions your character makes. I never romanced him though, as I couldn't stand his character at all--lol. I actually killed him off in DA2 (which, sadly, is a vastly inferior game to DA1 IMO).


Skyrim also allows for same-sex marriages, and both Mass Effect 1 and 2 allow for various types of same-sex unions--although there are constraints depending on the gender of your character. Mass Effect 3 is reportedly going to be much more open-ended in that regard.

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