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Kind of messed up.. New Years Party Question...


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So i'm planning early for a new years eve party. I gathered some people but i'm still trying. All my friends have Girlfriends and the people i'm inviting are girls I've known since i was born. They have kids etc... Damn as i'm writing this i feel old but i'm still in my 20's haha. So My GF just tells me she invited her sister to come and she said yes! i was like ok..... that's weird because the sister had the option to hang out with her parents (like she always does since I've known her) for Christmas/new years. Her sister is not even legal to go to a club but my gf insisted she could use her fake....her sister agreed which i think it's crazy because it's not that serious for her to come down. I just think it's going to be odd when she doesn't have a date and when midnight hits and everybody goes for a kiss.... She's going to feel like the 3rd wheel.... I asked my GF to tell her sis to invite anyone she wants but i think i only know of one guy friend to be 21 not sure... The option is there.. i have my own house so no big deal sleep overs are cool with me.


My problem is i know my GF and her sis are going to get stupid drunk... I've never been around her sister while she's drunk but from the pictures I've seen that she posts up on her FB gives me a good idea... They are both going to my house at the end of the night and i know her sis is going to pull her changing her clothes crap again but probably worse cuz she'll be wasted..... but damn when i'm wasted i'm almost always horny and if you guys have been reading my threads about my gf's sister i think i'll be double tempted....It almost comes to a point where i should not drink that night or rather not drink heavily so i'll still have some of my inhibitions.


Do you guys think it's weird that she wants to come down to my house for new years? She is not going to know anybody and she's going to be with my GF only doesn't make sense to me.... hopefully she's social.. a good example is when my gf and her sis go down to visit their mother down south, they always talk about the things they're going to be doing together. When they finally get down to see each other her sister is never home instead she hangs out with her friends and not my GF, it happens every time even when i'm their! so that " i wanna see my sister " is crap

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I'm not sure what you're really asking here.


Is it "weird" for her sister to hang out with you? No, why would it be? Does it matter if she has a date?


But more importantly, what's all this about "changing clothes" and being tempted? Do you seriously not have enough self-control that you can't avoid hitting on your girlfriend's sister?

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It's like me going down to visit my brother in another state for new years and i'm not going to know anyone.. sure i'll talk to some of his friends but i'll still feel left out cuz i don't know anyone...why would i put myself through that...i would rather go to my moms house.

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Umm.... Ok, if you don't think you can control yourself around your GF's sister even while your GF is there, maybe you should rethink some things. You say you'll be tempted if you're drunk, but yet your GF is going to be there too isn't she? So what are you going to be tempted to do, try to make moves on her right in front of your GF? This is her sister, so she's going to be around for the rest of her life. If this is that much of a temptation to you, maybe you should really rethink your relationship with your GF and why you're with her. It's one thing to acknowledge that her sister is attractive. It's another to actually be tempted to act on your feelings, especially considering that it doesn't seem like her sister hangs around all that much anyway. If you were really in love and happy with your GF, it wouldn't matter what her sister looks like. It just doesn't seem right to me that it should be a problem for her to invite her little sister to a party because you might try something with her. I could understand being tempted if her sister lived with the both of you, though even then you should still be able to control yourself. But she can't even come to a New Years Party? Think about this.

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yea....i just have a feeling like she'll pull something new which she does every time i see her... A good example is when my GF went to her moms house couple of weeks ago (i didn't go) why is it that her sis acts normal like she changes clothes in rooms etc. When i come down she pulls down her legging's in the kitchen while she was talking to my GF and i'm there?


This time drinks are going to be involved.....I actually think i'll build the courage to tell her myself that she shouldn't do that to me if she does it again..

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I wouldn't rather hang out with my parents just because I didn't know many people at a party, or didn't have a date. Don't project your ideals on to her. Some people are comfortable making friends with strangers. I am, maybe she is too. If she hasn't been in the past, maybe she wants to learn to be. You aren't paying for her to come, it's not on her if she gets busted with her fake id.

Your problem is your issue, not hers, not the gf's.

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Wait a minute. You've had a gf the whole time you were pursuing the girl from your class (who has a bf)?

Boom roasted!


I went and read through your other thread. Bro, do your girlfriend a favor and dump her. If you haven't cheated yet you will in the future and noone deserves that.

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