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Is he shy or has he changed his mind?


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I've been wondering if I should aks advice from you all out there, or just let it go. Obviously i decided for the first option, so here it goes. I'm taking a class in IT after work. The first time I walked in the room and saw the teacher, I thought "cute guy, good looking, athletic, 0% geek, ... so out of my league, forget it..." And I did, honestly. Till I started noticing, hey, he looks at me. A lot. No, wait a minute, he doesn't look, he stares. Especially when I'm talking to someone else, I can feel him watching me. So I decided to initiate some contact, not easy for me, because I can be terribly shy. So I just asked him some (stupid) questions about the class, and he seemed eager enough to help me out, but we never got beyond the "professional" talk. He would answer my question, and then he sort of bolts, like he wants to get away from me. Once he made an attempt at a joke, a very lame one I might add, but I laughed anyway, and he looked so pleased and happy - I could've kissed him on the spot. So one day, he was staring at me again, and our eyes "locked" and then he gave me this big smile, which I wasn't expecting, cos' normally he doesn't smile. I was shy and embarrassed, and I looked away & didn't smile back.

Since then he began ignoring me. Never says hi or bye. When I come in the classroom he nearly twists his head off looking in any direction but mine. After a few minutes, when everbody sits down and is busy, he starts staring again. Often I just wait for him to look at me, and then I do smile at him, but then he turn his head quickly, sometimes with a little crooked smile..

Is this him being shy? Or is he " just not that into me " ?

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Once he made an attempt at a joke, a very lame one I might add, but I laughed anyway, and he looked so pleased and happy - I could've kissed him on the spot.


This is so cute


To me, it sounds like he likes you, and a lot. I don't know of any guy who would spend that much time looking at a girl, if he DIDN'T like her.

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@Iloveshyguys: thanks, I felt so sure he liked me, but then he never makes an effort to talk to me, and I've tried to start a convo several times...

Maybe i should try online, I have his e-mail adress... I need some extra info for class anyway, could use this as an opening... Good idea or not?


@camus154, I wish i had the guts... But I don't know him enough to be so direct...


@abitbroken, I understand you, but this is not a typical student-teacher relationship, we are both adults, this is a class for working people, I dont have to take exams, there are no grades or something like that...

Do you think this could be holding him back?

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I really don't think he's gonna make moves on you, as he's your teacher. I think that's why he's holding back. He probably is interested in you but won't compromise his job. Maybe you could stop making the effort that you do ie Hi, bye and smiles. And just see how it goes when you just act aloof and not care. Maybe the intensity of the situation is freaking him out and so that's why he's acting so weird and strange.

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