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Would you go to the doctor, which was your ex and which you dumped?

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Well I have a toothache and I know I need to repair it. So I registered to one dentist. Funny how quickly I remembered that once I had a date who was odontologist at the 3rd course of bachelor. We dated for a short time, then we had long distance relationship and suddenly I dumped him.


I'm not going to contact him now, I just thought it's funny, cause he tried to get me back several times a month for several months. And here I have a question - would you even go to heal your health to a doctor who was your ex and who was dumped by you?

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Haha! I have a fear of dentists so a) I'd never see an ex who was a dentist and b) Omg especially if I dumped him!

I dumped a guy who was a chef once, went to a restaurant with a new date a couple of months later and he was the chef...I hate to imagine what might have been in my food! Had a drink and left instead

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Actually, I once dated an ER doctor. I was underage at the time and he knew it. He was abusive to me during the relationship, and eventually I worked up the courage to leave.

I skipped town, and so did he apparently.

I was in a small town and had to run my daughter into emergency, and guess who picked up the chart?

This was years later and I just hoped he wouldn't recognize me (I now had a different last name) He did. Oh boy was that awkward.

I remained civil, and so did he, but you could have cut the tension in the little cubicle with a knife.

Haven't seen him since.

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