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Communication has stopped and I am left guessing...


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I met this woman a month ago on line. (We are both in our mid 40's) From the beginning she was very responsive and we used to talk for hours on the telephone. She would call me almost every time. When we met for the first time there was a lot of sexual chemistry. Lots of kissing. She asked me to kiss her! We ended up going away together the very next weekend and had sex most of the weekend. The weekend was great. She did have orgasms. We talked a lot. She came from a troubled background. Her dad committed suicide a little over a year ago. Her mom was not the most loving person to her. She did make mention about not wanting to get in to a commitment right away and that she wanted to see other people. (Like she had one foot out the door already) She was married several times before and has a child. I could understand that she has had several relationships and marriages with men that did not work out and she wanted to see what was out there before she made another decision and commitment. She mentioned that she had a formal ball coming up with another guy yestrerday. I told her that I was ok with that and appreciated her honesty. She gave me the feeling that she did not want me to be that much in to her.


I have told her that I am very attracted to her and think that she is very sexy. She knows that I am in to her.


We have now slept together twice since the long SEX weekend. Once each week. This last time this week she made a point of lying in my arms and falling asleep. She never did that the times before. And now since that last time this week, only a few texts. One text said that she was smelling my shirt that I had left there. But, no emails or calls. YET, She is constantly logged in to the dating site. She has always stated that we have great chemistry and that she very attracted to me. Yet, she is constantly on line on the same dating site we met. Part of me wants to call or text and find out what the DEAL is. BUT, Part of me wants her to come to me. I dont want to seem desperate. I do want to take my own advice and remain silent in order to keep my value. But, part of me wants to call her and let her know that she is on my mind.


I know that with physical attraction (Chemistry) and good communication are both there. We could have a relationship. It is up to her.

Should I just chill out and wait for her to come to me….or test the waters with a call or text? Give her space? Any advice is appreciated.

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The long calls everyday and talks I guess I miss. The intense chemistry of getting to know that person and the sparks that flew when we had great sex. NOW, nothing. No doubt a distraction of another has taken her interest. Perhaps there is NO real connection unless it comes from her. I am wondering if she does feel something and is running away from it.


I am a communicator. This is hard to just sit back and wait. Then again, it could all be in my head. I know It's only been a day and a half since any communication. But I am not an idiot. All the little facts add up.

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Actually Great simple suggestion. And I will try that. It's just that we do have great chemistry and meetings result in sex. She is over an hour away. Also, since she has her daughter every other weekend, it most likey would have to be a weekend date deal. I respect her wishes to have her child remain out of the picture for now. I can remain patient and understand since I have 2 girls myself.

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