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  1. Day 5 Things are on the improve and I won't fail again... Starting to find my feet
  2. You didn't play that much of a part in my life today. I hope it stays that way
  3. Day 4 I awoke teary, not so much missing you... Just so incredibly hurt
  4. I long for the day I can find happiness. For now I deal with the pain of rejection, betrayal, worthlessness
  5. I actually feel embarrassed for caring so much when you cared so little. I feel like a fool
  6. I have never thrown away someone as easily as you did. It is a shame it took our break up for me to realise what type of person you truly are
  7. I can't believe you hurt me...... I thought you were different
  8. Why am I feeling the worthless one when my character is by far the soundest, honest and genuine?
  9. I contacted you the other day. I thought I was strong enough, but I was wrong Nothing has changed and your still a liar. Back on the NC path.... Day 2
  10. Day 12 Hard night last night............Can't believe I got played
  11. I don't really know what to say to you. I just know that I am not over you
  12. What hurts the most is I know I was used, maybe not initially, but you kept it going when you knew it was a dead end. Here I was planning our house, our families and our future..... Whilst you were trying to work out your next profile name for a dating site
  13. Day 11 Wondering what part of us was real... Did we ever happen
  14. Day 10 I am glad that I have made it this far and not caved in. Some moments I am fine without you, others I just want to curl up into your lap
  15. The morning and the evenings are the definitely the toughest. I wake up to you every morn and end my day with you every night.... the only thing is... your not there. Missing you
  16. Missing you less and less and loving myself more and more
  17. Day 9 Every day is getting better, just little slip ups now and then. Once I work past those sad moments where I want to burst into tears.... I am fine. Focusing on new things in my life and removing the old.
  18. You didn't awake me in the night like you usually do. The nightmares are disappearing. I had a big cry last night, not just over you, over all the ex's that have treated me the same way. I really did have rose coloured glasses on with you. Big lesson learned there
  19. One minute I am ok and the next I want to burst into tears. Why did this happen too me again?
  20. Day 8 Another day moving forward in my life without you. I still miss you every day and wish we were together, but I know that will never happen. You have moved back onto a dating site and well for me, I am just picking up all the pieces you broke and trying to put them back together again.
  21. I don't really have anything to say, I just don't want to contact you. I miss you, I really do...
  22. I was going along nicely today at work and then out of nowhere.... I remembered how you dumped me, the build up to it and I burst into tears. You were the man I believed in, trusted and loved. You hurt me.
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