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So there is this girl I've been in contact for for a long time - we went to school together - and recently I've been making it kind of obvious, via Facebook, that I like her. I offered to take her out for a drink, and she responds in what seems like a positive, but quite strange and indirect way. When I asked her recently, she just said I was a gentleman, and then a day later told me that she was coming back to where I live (she's originally from there) this weekend, but didn't say anything about meeting up. Thinking this was a hint, implying that we should meet up, I said we should meet up, and asked her her plans and her number. She told me she's out on Friday and with a friend for the rest of the weekend, and sent me her number.


What does this all mean? Does she want to meet or not? Should I be trying to get her to meet me this weekend?


Any help would be great.

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