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Ok, so the background is there's a guy who I've known of for a while through friends of friends, always thought he seemed nice but never really got to know him. A few weeks ago we were introduced properly and have been working together on a side-work project (for info I'm 27 and he's 28). For the past 3 weeks or so we've been texting every day, he'll normally initiate it. The texts are always very lighthearted and jokey, just banter really. Last weekend he was out in town and was texting me to meet up as he was out with a few mutual friends. I went along with my friends but unfortunately he was ill and went home quite early.


I'd say I've grown to really really like him. After getting involved with someone bad it seems a long time since I've really liked someone! Last night I was out with my friends and he was at a gig. He rang me after the gig to see where we were and said he'd come and meet us. He came on his own and hung out with my friends and me all evening. I'd say he was quite flirty but he's such a friendly person he is kind of like that with everyone so it's hard to read. In the end it was v late and he suggested going back to his and did say "I don't want you to think I'm after anything, I just fancy a cup of tea and listening to some music. It'd be cool if you came" so I went along with him. We did just that, sat listening to music, drank tea, chatted and then eventually fell asleep. In the morning I woke up and I'd remained fully clothed with my dress & tights on, he was just in shorts. We were both lying half awake just hugging and then we did kiss. I was very aware that I didn't want anything more to happen this morning, it was too soon and I didn't want to give him a bad impression of me etc. I made a joke about needing to clean my teeth in the morning etc and he laughed then backed off and made a comment about "I suppose we'll only complicate things". He got up and went to make coffee for us. I left shortly after and we hugged when I left. He said he'd message me tomorrow as he has some work things to send over etc.


I should also mention that he has only very recently broken up with his long term girlfriend. They lived together and whilst they split up a couple of months ago she has only just moved out of the house.

I haven't heard anything from him since I left earlier and I don't know whether to text him or just leave it until he messages about the work things? I know I can be really rubbish at showing my feelings and he might not realise that I like him.




I didn't know whether to just send something along the lines of "Hi, hope you've had a good day and feel recovered. It was a good night last night. Thanks for the tea and music choices!"


Sorry. I know it's very early days. It's quite rare these days for me to like someone a lot. I'm just very aware that his break-up is recent and maybe it's all too close to home for him with us having lots of mutual friends and working on this project together.

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