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I'm in a LDR and we talk every night. We are 6 years apart and he's older . He is really serious and really wants to be with me.

I'm really getting used to talking to him often and when I text him, usually he answers. Yesterday, he told me we would skype before he worked and then i text him okay at this hour.. And then he didnt text me back. Then, when he's working, he told me that he just recieved my messages( its long distance texts) and he sends me like 5 messages telling me he loves me..

I just found it weird and was a bit mad that he didnt text me.

Am i being too insecure? Cause i don't want to be!

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You can't always expect someone to reply to texts EVERY second of the day. Everyone has to work, socialize, eat, sleep, and poop. There are many incidences where one can't always text back on command and it doesn't mean that he's cheating or is becoming "distant".

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