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Can you do a blood test and Spirometry (Breathing test) at home?

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Don’t expect anyone to have the answer to this but it's worth asking. Basically I have social anxiety so I arranged a home appointment with my doc last week and he advised me to call up the surgery and book an appointment with the nurse for a blood test and spirometry. The problem is that would involve meeting people so I'm just wondering if these are things I could do myself at home then drop off back at the doctors. I don't want hassle my doc again because he didn’t seem to understand why I asked for a home appointment in the first place.


Tia ppl

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I guess if they have mobile testing machines but you still have to have someone administer the test for the pulmonary exam. You still need to interact with people for these tests. My pulmonary exam was done at a special clinic and my son's was done at the allergists office.


I also can not imagine administering your own blood tests. There are nurses who do home care though.

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