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what are some really good paying jobs without much schooling?


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I'm kind of at a stalemate with life right now, I haven't known what i want to do with myself for ages and i'm now 25...I feel like not knowing what i want to do has ruined a lot of things for me. One being my ex girlfriend who i loved a lot but always felt jealous she was going to school and knew what she wanted to do. I guess i just wanted to be able to support her fully but i just got careless and mean cause i always thought she'd leave me anyways. Negative thinking i know, i do wish her the best though. Lovely girl. Anyways, I was wondering what are some jobs that don't take a lot of schooling or cost a lot in the schooling department? I'm currently paying off a student loan for something i realized i don't want to do. I've been doing labour jobs my whole life and I'm just so sick of it....it actually makes me depressed. So, what are some jobs that would guarantee me a good career?

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I hear trucking, like delivery new trucks straight from the factory to their respective companies pays damn good. About 40K a year, starting. And it only requires a highschool diploma or GED and a commercial license, which if you have a pretty untarnished driving record you can get a commercial license with virtually no other requirements. I work in a hotel and we get three truck dirvers here on a weekly basis and one of them does this and he hasn't looked back. You just gotta like traveling.

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Over here, many jobs are about who you know and not what you know.

Or doing work experience in hopes of being good enough in a short amount of time and getting along with the boss.

It seems if the employer takes a liking to you he/she will consider taking you on if you show promise without the relevant qualifications.

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