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How to ask a girl out properly?


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This is going to sound kinda silly at my age, but I've never asked a girl out.


Anyway, I've been sort of seeing this girl over the past couple months...talking, community events, activities etc. We've always done stuff with kids around...mine or hers...I figure 'cuz it's safe for her. When I tried to make plans with her for the two of us to do something, she backed off and didn't talk to me for two weeks...lol! Since then, she's really opened up to me and I now understand what's she's been going thru and why she acts the way she does. So I'm past that. She does know that I have feelings for her and as much as we've talked, she's never said how she feels about me. Well, she definitely likes me...that much is obvious, but whether or not she sees relationship potential is still a mystery. I figure because she still talks to me and we do stuff together, she's open to the possibility to a relationship. She once said that she wants to take things slow...and slow it has been. We talk regularly and she now feels comfortable talking about her personal life more. I share as much as she shares, so it's not one way.


We recently went out for a hike that lasted 4 hours (just the two of us and her suggestion!!) plus chatted for another hour at her place before we went to pick our kids up from school. We have tenative plans for the two of us to go out on another hike up the mountain again and if it feels right, I want to ask her out properly. She knows from past conversations that I'm looking for long term and I'm not into games. She seems to be on the same page as me with alot of things. We've never kissed, held hands and have only hugged once...but that was to respect her wish to go slow and since we've really started talking, I understand why. I do feel like she's ready to go to the next step and so am I, but I think she's waiting for me to make that move. This is where I need feedback and some advice.


I was thinking if I lead up to the big question by talking about things that I like and respect about her and her son, assure her that we go at her pace, say that I see potential for a relationship and ask her out. For people in thier 30's...what does the guy say? Will you go out with me? Will you be my girlfriend? Honestly, I have no idea on what terminolgy to use...lol!

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There is no rule.

It's more or less knowing without needing to say it.


You just keep on going out on dates, hanging out, when things become more physical, the closer you are to getting to be in a relationship.

Then comes the day where both of you are doing most things together, waking up together in the same bed more often than not, not going back to your own home often.


Then one day it just dawns on both of you that you are in a relationship.

That's when you bring it up and will be able to do it with confidence.

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