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It Finally Happened (And Question)


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So, after months of being in pain about my ex, I finally implemented the no contact rule about a month ago. I was still kind of checking her FB and Twitter accounts, and got some stuff that just kind of made me feel like poo (she's going out on a date this week, GAH), and I was very close to breaking the no contact.


But today it hit me. It finally hit me after six months of trying to understand what the heck I did. I finally know now, and it suddenly made the whole "No contact" thing easier. Since we've been broken up I've been working out, I got a new job, and I finally got a car (part of my problem, I was a pansy and very unappealing when it came to improving my life). For the first time in a very long time, I understand everything, and I have accepted the breakup and why it happened.


But even with accepting it, I still just miss her. I miss the genuine person she was, even if she did break my heart. Her birthday is coming up, and like I said, I've had no contact for over a month (and it will be longer until her birthday). Do I send a Birthday card with a nice little letter, or is a text good enough? Do I even do anything at all?

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I don't recommend it now that you've initiated NC. If your ex isn't a friend, why would you acknowledge it in any way? It's hard to ignore what would have been special days, but trust that she'll wonder if you will and might even be disappointed when you don't. It'll be something she'll miss and will make her think about you.

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