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I was friends with a guy I liked for about a year (senior year). He was the first guy I ever felt I loved and I loved being around him. During this time we kissed a couple of times, and we’d spend quite a lot of time together. I think he knew I liked him because everyone knew but apparently not him.


He’d always be hugging me and every time I would make contact, he wouldn’t ever turn me down. And one time I didn’t he texted me something like: “Where have you been hiding, miss?” like late at night when I knew it’d be time for him to sleep. We were in the same school and sometimes we’d meet up between classes just to see each other, and sometimes we’d text each other the whole day.


But the time came for us to go to college (different ones), he was really sad and nearly cried last time I saw him face-to-face. I just thought it was a friend-thing because I never thought he liked me, but all of my friends keep saying guys don’t cry over friends, they only cry over girls they love, like, or wanna be with.


I know I’m young and it all seems like puppy love but I’d love for me and this guy to be together in the future, maybe when we are both old enough. But I don’t know if he liked me too. And if so, why wouldn’t he tell me anything? It’d make me really sad to find out that he liked me and he never told me anything.


There were other girls he talked to and I knew there was one that liked him but he was never the way he was to me to her. But I don’t know.



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