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just a kiss make her move far away from me......


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well this all started when she started to live near my apartment about 4 and half years ago.that time i saw her and fell in love with her 1st time.but i didnt tell her anything about this.time passed and about 2and half years ago we became a friend.our friendship turned into deep.that time only i knew that she was 1yr older than me.bt our age couldnt stop us from our pure friendship relation.she also told me that she has a boyfriend.as a bestfriend i didnt said her anything about my love for her.like this only we used to chat,message, and she used to share everything about herself.i was totally being influence by her true trust in me and more and more i deeply fall in love with her.but one day dont know what happen to me i propose her.she became totally numb.i though this might be tha last moment of our friendship but surprisingly she didint fell bad about what i said to her.she also didnt became angry with me.but oneday she broke up with her 4years old boyfriend.as a friend i stand in every problems of her then.after she broke up with his boyfrien she became more close to me and at last one day she accept my proposal.

now i thought everything was going smoothly.our love relationship was moving quiet faster.we used to dream of our marry life and many more.since she stay near my apartment she sometimes used to come in my flat and we used to kiss and hug each other.oneday dont know what happen we became so much emotionally attached that she gave me to kissed her boobs.after that our relationship get totally changed.insted of talking about our love we used to start to have phone sex.

one day we talked in the phone continuously for about 5hrs.and immediately just the day after our phone call she said me IM SORRY.I REGRET FOR THAT DAY....i didnt knew what was in her mind and what she wanna tell me.but after some day i gotta know that she has patch up with his ex.that time i became totally numb of what to do and what not to do..........i statrted to beg for her to save our relationship,to save our future dreams...but not a single words was touching her............

she started to blaming me saying UR RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS THINGS.YOU DONT KNOW HOW MUCH IM CRYING COZ OF THAT DAY....but i didnt understand what did i do to her....frankly we even didnt have sex,then what are the things that make her start to blame me and hate me????????im trying to get her back by anycost,but dunno what to do?how to do?please someone advice me something..............

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pretty simple really. You guys became involved while she was reeling from her ex still. Technically while she was still in the relationship. Their relationship ended, you were the rebound, she probably was still so emotionally attached to her ex that she felt like she was cheating on him. She felt guilty, and once they patched up she felt even more guilty.


My advice: leave her alone, and for next time, don't get involved with someone who's in a relationship/freshly out of one.

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