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Oh no! Ex Mother-in-Law dilemma. What to do?

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I won't chew through the history of my last relationship, the break-up or anything else because I've said it many times before and after 6 weeks NC since the moment of the break-up I *think* I'm getting to the point where it really doesn't matter because I'm not sure I want to change any of it.


However, I've just read in the newspaper about the mother-in-law who sent her future daughter-in-law an incredibly rude e-mail criticising her lack of manners and social grace which has gone viral. Oh dear...I'm pleased I'm not going to THAT wedding! The article got me thinking about my ex's mother, who was really lovely, though I only met her twice. I started to think too much about whether my manners were good enough when I stayed in her home and lots of other unhelpful things when I suddenly remembered that she leant me a book that I completely forgot about and need to return.


My ex's mother was also constantly changing, up-dating and buying new things for her home. She gave me lots of things that she didn't need any more, some of which I accepted, but the book was almost certainly on loan and not a gift.


Now I know some people might think 'it's only a book' but this woman adored this particular author and was trying to collect a full set of her novels. By keeping one and completely failing to return it, I've been incredibly bad-mannered and would like to return it to her but I don't know the best way. I could post it to her and avoid contact with my ex but I'm not sure of her address, so I could post it to my ex with a very short, practical note about why I was returning it. No 'how are yous' or kisses or anything. Is this breaking NC and is it likely to cause more issues than it solves?


My ex initiated the break-up but it was probably pretty mutual. The last thing she said to me was 'I'll wait for you to contact me.' She's been waiting ever since. After a brief wobble, I feel strong enough to soldier on with NC but really don't know what to do about this book because I don't want to be bad-mannered to her mother and don't see why she should lose out on one of her favourite books because we've broken up.


What would other people do? Thanks in advance

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First I'd try some of the tools on the internet to confirm her mailing address. If that still left me with doubts, I'd email her and ask for her mailing address. I'd leave ex out of this if at all possible, because if the book left my hands I'd want to be sure that it went directly to her.

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