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Body art


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Do you guys and girls have some awesome body art/tattoos that you are able to show?


Ive been thinking for about 11 years of getting a tattoo but i never really got around to it. Not that i never had the money or the inclination. Just that whenever i had enough time to do it, i didnt think of it. And when i thought of doing it, i didnt have time.


What is the best one you have? Care to share?


(obviously if its in a certain area dont post pictures of it etc)

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I have several tattoos... They all have meaning beyond just what they are. And none of them were from straight up tattoo flash. They are all custom, some designed by me. I have more I could say here... this is a subject I can talk about at length. But I am exhausted and need to get to bed.

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No body art as of yet, but I'd like to get one of the henna designs I usually do on my feet during the summer. I'd keep the same earthy color in the tattoo, let the artist work a little with my design to refine it or add their own style. I would consider it a collaboration and would want my artistic style and the tattoo artists style to be seen.

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I had this tattoo years back with my first salary when I was 18! It's a dove and for me it symbolised freedom and innocence of the heart.

I would like another, I have thought of a snake wrapped around it or on my ankle, I might have it one day if I get the money.

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what's the significance of the leg? never seen anything quite like that in the flesh. i like it.


Looks like the Portal logo, a very cool video game! The cake is a lie.


Late reply, but they are camera apertures f/2.8 to f/16. link removed I like to think I'm a photographer first, and a person second.


I don't play video games much and never heard of Portal until recently, but that is most likely where Aperture Science got its name and logo.

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